Those cities were built by the Gods, before the coming of my people. A great war was fought between them and the demons, and the souls of our Gods left the city to fight the demon. We’re waiting for the day they find their way home. – Nadueshi Legend.

Administratum Information

Classification: Frontier System
Region: The Heathen Stars
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: Claimed by several failed Ministorium expeditions
Environment: A Hive City without acid rain? That should be your first clue something’s strange.


Even in a region of space as strange as the Koronus Expanse, when Rogue Traders gather to talk about the oddest worlds they’ve visited, it is almost guaranteed that one of them will mention the hive-cities of Naduesh. Set across the dry plains of Naduesh are giant cities, with completely realised underhives below the surface and giant spires fit for planetary nobility that stretch up to the clouds. The origin of these cities is unknown to the Imperium, although all writing in the cities is an appropriate mix of High and Low Gothic, as appropriate for their area.

Periodically, the Ministorium funds massive expeditions of pilgrims to Naduesh to reclaim these cities in the name of the Imperium. Initial reports are always promising, as the cities are fully realised and reported as being habitable for mankind. The lack of pollution from industry typical of a hive city has also given birth to wide open plains full of a number of native creatures that would rival a grox for their nutrition. However although no problems are ever reported, the colonies always disappear within a year of their incorporation, with no sign of the inhabitants left behind.

There are nomadic tribes of humanity living on Naduesh, but none of them will settle in the hive cities. To this day, the cities remain unoccupied according to all official reports. Rumours of archeotech and xenos races living in their depths abound, but Naduesh has kept a close guard on its secrets.


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