There’s a long-dead empire on Melbethe. A place destroyed by time and the inferiority of the Xenos. Creatures more deadly and dangerous than anything you can imagine lurk there. Fortunately for you, they are also exceptionally valuable.
-Inquisitorial Agent Miss Styrine

Administratum Information

Classification: Dead System
Region: The Accursed Demesne
Founding: Never formally settled.
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Unknown


One of the many worlds inside the Accursed Demesne that has never been formally charted by Explorators or Rogue Traders, likely due to its proximity to Undred-Undred Teef. Information given to Zacharya Caine has indicated that it is home to a race of Xenos that both the Inquisition and The Beast House have some sort of interest in.


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