Matria's Ennui


Rogue Trader Kyrie Matria dreamed of worlds unknown to any Rogue Trader or Explorator Fleet, and realising that there were systems beyond what were charted in The Foundling Worlds gathered massive financial backing with the promise of untapped paradise worlds and lost caches of archeotech and xenotech that she was sure awaited her in the Trailing edge of the Koronus Expanse.

Unfortunately two years into the survey and she had failed to flag a single planet worthy of colonization that any of her backers could agree on. Settling into a deep melancholy, and her financial backers pulling out one after another, her mood was gradually taken out on the systems she visited, giving them names reflecting the failure this expedition had proven to be for her. Upon her return to Footfall, most of her dynasty’s holdings were liquidated to cover her creditors, and she herself has fallen into disgrace, spending most of her time drinking to forget in the underbelly of Footfall.

The only world of note to emerge from this chart was the system of Iniquity, which to heap further misery upon her is now viewed as being part of The Foundling Worlds by those that settled it so that they could end-run around her claim to the system.

“Notable” Systems

Hope’s Demise
Unfulfilled Dreams

Matria's Ennui

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