Administratum Classifications

Classification: Penal World
Region: Winterscale’s Realm
Discovery: 789.M41
Current Proprietor: Aspyce Chorda and Calligos Winterscale
Environment: Not that bad, all things considering.
Recommendations: The logical extension of a cold war.


Following the Nephium Compact at the end of the war for Lucin’s Breath, both Aspyce Chorda and Calligos Winterscale were forced into an uneasy cease-fire, where both were closely monitored for any sign of breaking the Compact to try and overthrow the other’s claim on the world. Naturally, they both immediately set about trying to break the peace treaty as subtly as possible. Saboteurs and Agent Provocateurs were put in each other’s camps to stir up trouble or assassinate key figures.

Frequently these men would be caught, but for those important figures in these war, instead of execution they would be sent to Maleziel. This planet serves as a joint hostage ground between the Chorda and Winterscale Dynasties, who are the joint Governors and Wardens of this planet. Any prisoner may be released from its confines provided both Governors agree, which leads to a situation where truly valuable prisoners are ransomed by one of the two Traders, or else an exchange of agents is conducted.

Those that survive Maleziel report that it is a reasonably orderly and pleasant environment, as agents of both camps rarely interact, and they are treated fairly well with a promise of reasonably quick release.


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