A long dead system, its heart still lets off weak flickering pulses of life as if clinging to former glories.
-Observations from the Battlefleet Calixis vessel Inexorable Revelation

Administratum Information

Classification: Dead System
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: 513.828.M41
Current Proprietor: The Hos Dynasty
Environment: Cold, Dusty and Frozen
Recommendations: Nothing to see here.


The Xenos empire that once dwelled here suffered catastrophe several millennia ago when the star at the heart of this system collapsed into a pulsar. Ringed by a densely populated asteroid belt it is composed of three worlds, none of which have any life detected on them. The pulsar periodically lets off flashes of radiation that interfere with any ship attempting to explore the system, and pose a significant risk to any who venture to the surface of one of the worlds.

Magoros Primaris sits in the middle of the three worlds, and was possibly a once habitable planet. The change from the collapse of the star has destroyed the ecosystem, and now great dust storms rage over its surface, choking the lungs of any unprotected explorer that would sit down there.

Magoros Secundus is an ice world at the very edge of the system, although when the star was a pleasant yellow it would also have presumably been habitable. It is now a frozen and inhospitable world, with faint tracings of roads and other structures seen under the dense frost of the planet.

Magoros Minoris is a small planet in close orbit to the pulsar, that is regular seared by the intense radiation of the pulsar leaving little left for explorers to visit.

Colony Information

After retrieval of Adeptus Mechanicus theorems as to how to adapt Egarian crystal tech into Imperial equipment, Seneschal Leopold Phipps authorized funding a new colony world there, heavily patrolled by Hos Dynasty vessels in order to manufacture new equipment for the troops.

The colony itself is still beset by radiation and requires constant vigilance to fend off not only Rak’Gol, but also hypothetical forays by nearby Chaos Raiders in The Foundling Worlds

Author : Navigator Secundarium onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : The Magoros System
Classification : UEaaCrvQ
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : c264fe71-e9cd-4578-a746-1e1260ddf869

The system seems to have been once been part of the xenos empire called the Egarian Dominion. It should also be noted that they system contains radiation pluses occurring every 186.87 Standard Terra Minutes. The pulse can be disable a void-ship for hours and it is recommended to use the planets as it will shield the ship from the worst of the radiation damage.

Of interest is the xenos power transfer station. It seems to harness the radiation wave on Magoros Secundus, and send a pulse of it to Magoros Prime. Where it is caught and then transferred through a crystalline structure (for a more detailed analysis see Explorator Artifex Felicis report on possible use of this item, it also contains reports on how to deal with the radiation pulses).

Magoros Secundus : Is what seems to have been a frozen planet, which once may have been a jungle planet. No life was detected on the planet although many ruins of the Egarian Dominion were found here (multiple maze and tavern like structures). In addition a relay station of crystalline structure is on the surface which captures some energy from the radiation pulses and coverts it into a beam of energy shot to Magoros Prime.

Magoros Prime : A planet which once supported life. Now is a planet covered with massive dust clouds continuously. It contains a massive crystalline pillar which receives the massive beam from Magoros Secundus. The massive structure is surrounded by a maze. Their are signs there was a battle recently but it seems to have been almost covered up by the dust storm. Also of interest is the fact that the Egarian structures have no describable working parts according to Artifex Felicis.

Magoros Minor : Have not explored that. Seems to be a planet covered in lava flows.

The Asteroid Belt aka “Halo Shard” : Surrounds the outside of the system. Very large in diameter. It was after investigating the ruins of Magoros Prime that Rogue Trader Hos was able to realize after investigating the xenos ruins that the Emperor Bounty was contained in the asteroid belt in a terrible state of damage and disrepair



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