Lucin's Breath

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Mining World
Region: Winterscale’s Realm
Discovery: 258.M41
Current Proprietor: Disputed – See Aspyce Chorda and Calligos Winterscale
Environment: Hostile
Recommendations: Cold Weather Gear Adaptations.


Part of Winterscale’s Domain, Lucin’s Breath was once home to a race of Xenos that constructed cities around the bubbling tar pits that provide one of the few pockets of warmth on this planet. Long abandoned, their ruins hold little in the way of technology or material worth, and as such remain relatively undisturbed.

The planet is quite inhospitable to human life, and would otherwise have been ignored if it were not for the abundant supply of Nephium, an ingredient that greatly enhances the quality of Promethium. It also is an incredibly lethal toxin, but it sees little use as a combat drug because it is so vastly prized by the Adeptus Mechanicus

Current Situation

Although nominally a part of Winterscale’s Realm, the sheer unforgiving climate means there are a number of independent mining operations set up on the planet. For the most part Calligos Winterscale was willing to let this go, in exchange for a not-so-modest cut of any profit. However in 785.M41, Aspyce Chorda engaged in a protracted invasion of Lucin’s Breath, forcing Winterscale to devote the bulk of his resources to the planet’s defense. This conflict brought the flow of Nephium to a virtual standstill, resulting in a swift intervention by the Imperium. the result was a forced settlement, dividing the planet equally between the two rogue traders until such time as an “honourable writ and claim can be established”.

Although forced into a state of peace, raids and sabotage are common on both sides, and each Rogue Trader is waiting for their own forces to provide clear superiority, or else for another enterprising Rogue Trader to come along and turn the tide.

Lucin's Breath

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