Logs of the Emperor's Bounty

Log Entry 7: 555.327.M39

This entry has been composed several times as I strive to control myself long enough to make an entry worthy of posterity for the Battlefleet. At the critical moment in our campaign against the Xenos invaders that originally forced us through to the Expanse, the cowardly, spineless Inquisitor and her craven Rogue Trader flunkie abandons the fight and leaves our flank dangerously undefended. Without the long-range support that their vessel was meant to provide, our battleline quickly fell apart and the remainder of my impromptu Task Force has been scuttled.

I pray for the souls of the crew and pray that they met their deaths swiftly rather than fall into the depraved hands of our foe. To the Rogue Trader, I curse his line and pray that the hands of Imperial Justice grind them down before too long. Though The Bounty made an emergency translation into the Warp, Navigator Benetek’s implanted device finally took its toll on his health and destroyed his mind, likely explaining our sudden translation out of the Warp. I have left him in his chambers to hide the gravity of the situation from the rest of the crew. The damage has all-but-destroyed our Warp Engines, and even if we could repair the damage without a Navigator I do not believe we will be departing this system.

I have ordered us secluded in a nearby asteroid belt and power consumption set to minimal in the hope that this will allow us to survive as long as possible. All praise to the God-Emperor, and may he judge our souls worthy to stand at his side.

Log Entry 8: 557.327.M39

Preparations have been made for the Bounty and all logs have been confirmed. There has been no response to our Salvation Beacon, nor did I expect there to be. The crew has discovered that there is to be no salvation, and mutiny is close at hand.

I will not allow this fear to damn their souls. I have ordered Explorator Alset to disable the life support systems and vent the atmosphere to the Void. My crew will face death knowing they have served the God-Emperor with faith and loyalty to the Throne. All praise to Him on Terra

Log Entry 9: 597.327.M39

I live, though I do not know how. The Crew caught wind of my mutiny and those closest to the bridge attempted to gain access to it before the atmosphere was expelled. All of my crew is dead, as are the mutineers. I am all that remains on the Bounty. The atmosphere was purged, and my crew now lie still, their final moments perfectly preserved for all to see the failure of Captain Janrak Spargan.

Alset’s contraption preserves my sins for scrutiny, but I should have starved to death weeks ago. It seems I will remain, standing silent vigil over my ship and crew until rediscovery, at which point I will face accounting. I will guard the treasures in the Hold as long as it takes. As long as is necessary for redemption.

Log Entry ?: ?????

Mine, all of it mine. The ship, the crew, the treasure, mine. This was always my fate. Mine. Mine alone. I’ll sit here in command forever. My treasure forever. All of it mine. No more intruders. No more dissent. No more thieves. Mine. I will sit alone with my prize until the last star burns out of the sky.

Logs of the Emperor's Bounty

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