The Logicians were originally an alliance between Tech-Priests and wealthy patrons of the Science to examine technologies that could be applied to the Imperium as a whole. This endeavour was originally quite successful, and advanced steadily throughout the Northern Galaxy. They were based primarily in the Calixis Sector and funded numerous expeditions into the Koronus Expanse in pursuit of lost technology which was then licensed out to individual worlds. However, in 645.M41, they discovered in one of their expeditions the proscribed text “In Defence of the Future: A Logical Discourse”. This tome had been penned millennia ago and banned by both the Ministorum and the Adeptus Mechanicus, the heart of which called for the decentralization of power from both Terra and Mars, and the pursuit of the forbidden heresy of Technology and knowledge.

Once secession was openly debated, the Adeptus Mechanicus swiftly moved to crush this rebellion, and claim whatever lost technologies they had discovered for their own. Though the swiftness of their action may have been questionable, the results were not. The Logicians were absolutely crushed inside of the Calixis Sector, and forces that attempted to flee into the nearby Scarus Sector were similarly intercepted and destroyed. However those that fled into the neighbouring Ixaniad Sector were reported as hunted down, but many of the ships listed as destroyed were never produced, leading some to suspect the Logicians bartered for safety with the local noble families.

The cult has been forced into the shadows, but they still advance their heretical beliefs that Technology is the solution to Mankind’s problems, and are a dangerous threat due to the strength of their beliefs, and the blasphemous technologies they have manufactured as a result.

Player Interactions

Zacharya Caine encountered the Logicians shortly after his augmetic upgrades when he was hired to investigate possible drug-running on Port Wander. However, the woman who hired him was revealed to be a Logician Cult who attempted to incapacitate and remove Cayne’s implants, but she was defeated and remanded into the custody of two Inquisitiorial agents.


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