Koronus Expanse


Believed to be one of the last untamed frontiers of the Galaxy, the Koronus Expanse is a subsector with the only known accessible route existing through the neighbouring Calixis Sector. Until just before the dawn of M41, the region was thought to be sealed off from the Imperium of Man by an impenetrable Warp Storm that locked the star systems inside. However, in 997.M40, the now-legendary Rogue Trader Purity Lathimon discovered a narrow warp route through the raging Warp Storm, and with it a path into this region of space was discovered.

Inside the untamed region lurk lost human empires, nascent xenos threats, the ever-present lure of Chaos and the most dangerous threats, the other Rogue Traders who are desperate to claim all of the rewards by any means necessary. It is here that fortunes can be made and lost within the span of a few months, and until the Imperium tames this region into the Koronus Sector, those inside operate largely outside of the bounds of Imperial Law.

Regions of the Expanse

Stations of Passage – Starting at Port Wander, these are a series of five systems that are cultivated as waypoints for vessels making the treacherous journey through the Warp Storm separating the Expanse from the Calixis Sector.

The Cauldron – Home to Footfall and not a lot else, this region of space would be otherwise forgettable if not for the presence of the aformentioned port. Being right next to The Maw results in nearly every ship coming into The Expanse exiting here for refuelling, or simply making a navigational modification. With only a few exceptions, all systems here are Dead Worlds, with all manner of theory as to what exactly wiped these planets clear of life.

The Foundling Worlds – A region wracked by warp storms and near impossible to navigate to without an accurate chart. Voidfarers tell tales of the cursed worlds, ghostly occurrences, and strange stellar phenomena to be found in this area.

Winterscale’s Realm – The best charted and travelled region of the Expanse, this is nominally under the control of Calligos Winterscale, its proximity to The Maw and large human presence makes it a frequent port of call for many Rogue Traders. A certain amount of independent action is permitted within this region, however if you discover a source of profit and do not give Winterscale his cut, you may suddenly find this region turning against you.

Ragged Worlds – Spinwards of Winterscale’s Realm lies a small collection of systems that were previously thought to be the whole of the inhabitable Koronus Expanse by the Adeptus Mechanicus prior to the discovery of The Maw. The worlds are short on natural resources, and lashed by unusual warp activity. Any wealth won from these systems is hard-fought, but it is popular with newly arrived traders due to the lack of “large players” in the area.

The Heathen Stars – A region of stars that are on the cusp of going out, this region is full of worlds filled with humans that have never known the light of the Golden Throne, and Xenos Empires that have long crumbled to dust. Rumours abound of ancient treasures and lost archeotech among the billions of heathens who await the Light of the Throne

Matria’s Ennui – Rogue Trader Kyrie Matria explored the Trailing edge of the Koronus Expanse convinced that great worlds and wonders awaited discovery. When her two-year long expedition finally returned to report its discoveries, almost two-thirds of the ships had been lost, and all the financial backers of this expedition never received any recompense. The systems were said to be devoid of anything worth interest, and Rogue Trader Matria has since spent her days drinking away her disappointment at Footfall.

Cinerus Maleficum – Two massive storms lay at the heart of the Expanse, a conflux called the Cinerus Maleficum. A number of systems lie on the outskirts of this massive storm, but travelling both in and out of the Warp is incredibly difficult in this region, and this area is usually skirted rather than travelled. One of the few few free-aligned shipyards in the Expanse can be found here.

The Accursed Demesne – According to ancient legends in the Expanse, this is the region from which evil was first sprung. Stories of ghost vessels, visions of death and destruction and worse spill out. There are few charted paths into the Demense, but when an Orkish Empire is the least threatening thing to spill out of this region, that may be a good thing.

Rifts of Hecaton – At the Rimward edge of the Expanse, beyond which only empty void between galaxies awaits lies the Rifts of Hecaton. All expeditions into it have failed. All voyages end in death. Nothing returns. There are no known planets nor civilizations in the Rifts. Only death awaits.

Unbeholden Reaches – The Trailing corner of the Expanse has barely begun to be explored by the rogue Traders of the Expanse. There is little known of these stars, and no doubt riches await any Rogue Trader brave enough to explore.

Koronus Expanse

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