Killing the Heretic

The Destruction of the Heretical Magos Shard

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 78975952-51f7-4a25-OVAqZBCfo-V9zZ

So it was that I was with my compatriot the Exploritor Felicis. He had invited me to investigate the stasis casket containing the right hand of the legendary Saint Drusus. It was at this point that I meet the Magos Shard. He insulted my presence when we planned to open the casket. In addition he simply ignored the glory of the hand in the casket and was focused solely on it. At this point my suspicion that all was not right with the Magos.

The Magos and the Exploritor began to enter the sacred codes to unlock the glories of the Saint. However as they were doing this a bright blue light overtook all, no doubt the power of the Saint reaching beyond the grave to smite the Emperors heretical enemies.

At this point I was briefly overpowered by the light, I then awoke to Exploritor Felicis attempting to wake me. I was not surprised when Magos Shard had gone insane. No doubt the power of the holy relic had overpowered the heretical thoughts of the Magos and caused him to unleash his evil. Felicis dealt easily with this heretic landing 3 plasma shots on this heretical Magos. Although this was after his powerful shield was overloaded. Before then it took a number of stray plasma shots metaling bulkheads, which were bounced of this field. I delt easily with the corrupted Skitarii. Unleashing the power of the warp from eye, it flayed the flesh and metal fusions of the Skitarii.

The Magos was knocked over from the righteous blast of Felicis. Standing over the heretic he mumbled something as he blasted and turned the surprised Magos head into a smoking pile of brain matter, oil, and melting cogs. It was the only end a true servant of the Omnissiah could give to a heretic.

It was fortuitous that the Saint could reach beyond the grave and reveal the true heart of the heretic.

Killing the Heretic

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