Administratum Classifications

Classification: Dead World
Region: Winterscale’s Realm
Discovery: 710.M41
Current Proprietor: Sebastian Winterscale
Environment: Inhospitable
Recommendations: Was once the salvation of the Expanse


Jerazol was meant to be the breadbasket of Winterscale’s Realm, and supply much of the rest of the Expanse. Founded by Sebastian Winterscale to no longer rely on the imports from Port Wander, its initial yields were bountiful and profits were huge. When The Strangling cut off Stations of Passage and the rest of the Expanse from the Calixis Sector, most of the Expanse turned to Jerazol for providence. However when the first transports arrived ready to load up on food, they discovered that the planet had been completely devastated. Its fields were ash and the oceans had boiled away.

There were no survivors to tell the tale of the Dead World of Jerazol. It has become yet another failure in the long line of Agri-Worlds set up in the Koronus Expanse


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