Ixaniad Sector


The Ixaniad Sector was the first of three Imperial Sectors to be tamed in the legendary Angevin Crusade, and is often the least well-discussed in Imperial History as a result. Lacking the near-breakdown of the conquest of the Scarus Sector, nor the miraculous resurgence found in the Calixis Sector, Ixaniad was brought quickly and easily into compliance. This stability was not all it first appeared to be though.

Periodically, and more disturbingly much more frequently than in the rest of the Imperium, pockets of secessionisits will spring up and push for independence from the Imperium. Although these groups are inevitably shut down by Battlefleet Ixaniad and the Imperial Guard, the Adeptus are taking note of the distressing frequency of rebellious behaviour from this sector. The most recent events of note in Ixaniad were the Logician Cult fleeing there following their defeat in the Calixis Sector, and the curious recalcitrance of many Imperial worlds in helping to root out this cult.

Navis Nobilite House Pazzano has consolidated its power in one of the worlds of Ixaniad following its rebirth.

Noteworthy Planets

Ixaniad Sector

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