Inti Game Wardens


The Twin Death Worlds of Inti bear host to many unique Flora and Fauna, almost all of which delight in killing humans. However the compounds that can be extracted from these unique creatures are of such value to the Imperium, and Magos Isabella Stein in specific, that elite warriors are required to hunt down and track those creatures for capture.

This Regiment specialises in survival and non-lethal takedowns.


  • Recruiting World: Inti – Death World
  • Commanding Officer: Choleric
  • Troops: Guerilla Regiment
  • Training: Survivalists
  • Equipment: Combat Drugs
  • Drawback: Scarred by Loss


  • Characteristics: +3 Toughness, +6 Perception, -3 Fellowship
  • Aptitude: Agility
  • Skills: Survival, Stealth
  • Talents: Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reaction, Ambush
  • Wary of Outsiders: – 10 to all Interaction Tests with Outsiders
  • Wounds: 2 Bonus Wounds
  • Basic Weapon: Lascarbine
  • Heavy Weapon: Webber
  • Special
    • Can Re-Roll any failed Survival and Navigate (Surface) tests in Jungle
    • When a Willpower tests is failed by three or more Degrees, they are stunned until the end of the next turn.

Standard Kit

  • One Lascarbine (Main Weapon)
  • One Webber (Heavy Weapon)
  • Two Blind Grenades
  • Two Stun Grenades
  • Two Frag Grenades
  • Chem Inhaler
  • Five Doses of Stimm
  • One Dose of DeTox with Injector

Inti Game Wardens

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