Note: This page refers to the system as a whole. For information on its colony worlds, see the Inti Colonial Tracker.

Administratum Information

Classification: Feral System
Region: The Cauldron
Founding: Not yet formally settled
Current Proprietor: A potential alliance between the Hos Dynasty and Magos Biologis
Environment: Surprisingly pleasant in this region of space.


Inti was a rarely visited system owing to its proximity to the rimward side of the massive warpstorm known as the Cauldron. Usually ignored, it became the base of operations for Silbannacus Jacobus and his band of raiders until they were brought to the attention of the Hos Dynasty as a potential threat to the Svard system. The In Purgatio Lumen and In Obscurum Veritas dispatched or captured the pirates, and found themselves faced with what to do with this system.

Despite having a few deposits of archeotech, and substantially more in the way of mineral wealth, it soon became apparent that the truth wealth in the system lay in the twin worlds in the center. Both habitable by human standards, they each boasted a verdant ecosystem that could handily support research missions. It is currently being explored as a joint venture between the Hos Dynasty and the Magos Biologis.

Planets of the Inti System

  • Inner Cauldron
    • None, although there are multiple Asteroid belts with promising mineral deposits.
  • Primary Biosphere
    • Inti Primaris: A cold world with a breathable atmosphere, it boasts an impressive amount of flora as well as a large number of herd animals and scavengers.
    • Inti Secundus: A temperate world with a slightly thin atmosphere, it has a large number of hyper-aggressive creatures, as well as a primitive Xenos race that makes its living on the planet.
  • Outer Reaches
    • Inti Tertius: A super-massive gas giant that hosts three moons. One of which is unremarkable, but one has both a listening station and radioactive deposits for cover.
    • STC Station: An ancient STC station that first attracted the pirates to this region.


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