By this blood I swear my soul and heart to the blackness, and to the Iron Scourge
-Excerpt from the Worker’s Oath of the Iron Scourge_

Administratum Information

Classification: Mining System
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: 422.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Harsh and Unforgiving
Recommendations: Beware the dangers of delving too deep


The twin worlds of Iniquity are surprisingly similar, each possessing a foul mist of toxic gas, shrouding an acidic sea that supports no life revealed to Imperial classifications. However, on both worlds there are giant mountain ranges emerging out of the poisonous clouds, and the atmosphere at their peak is just on the right side of habitable for human life.

Established as a mining colony, the world of Iniquity Primaris has long since been stripped of its natural resources and abandoned, a shattered husk of what it once was. Its second, much larger twin however is theorized to have enough minerals to last another half-millennia of strip mining. However the Iron Scourge mining coalition that was responsible for the extraction of minerals lost control of its workforce well over a century ago, and what little society there was seems to have been fractured among tribal workforces.

With each clan living deep within the mountains they were mining, it would be impossible to conduct a bombardment from orbit without destroying access to the resources the Imperium seeks to claim. A small outpost has been set up to monitor Iniquity Secundus on one of the orbital moons, seeking evidence that the mountains are free of treasonous scum. However this day has not yet come, and the mineral-rich world of Iniquity Secundus remains uncleansed, resistant to every expedition to reclaim them.


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