Hos Dynasty Warrant History

760.M36: Solomon Haarlock first charts the Calyx Expanse, and makes preliminary expansions into the area that would come to be known as the Koronus Expanse.

816.M37: Second Lieutenant Jarrion Hos rallies the surviving crew of the Frigate Light of the Throne to fight off a Chaos-tainted cruiser from the 7th Black Crusade, saving the Shrine World of Hesperus.

826.M37: In recognition for his heroic efforts, the Ecclesiarchy petitions for the establishment of a Rogue Trader dynasty. To gain popular support, Battlefleet Scarus grants this request, creating the dynasty and grants it access to favourable trading routes inside the Helican Subsector.

879.M37: Jarrion Hos dies of old age and Faydra Hos assumes control of the dynasty. She marries Admiral Kirby of Battlefleet Scarus, strengthening the dynasty’s ties to the Battlefleet.

999.M37: The 8th Black Crusade begins. Faydra Hos negotiates with the Battlefleet to “requisition” some ships for the good of the war effort. This unofficial grouping allows captains to respond to emergency situations without waiting for authorization from greater command, allowing more flexibility in responding to the attacks. This is the beginning of what becomes known as the “Battlefleet Hos” and thwarts several key attacks by the forces of Chaos. The connections formed by this action lead to the expansion of the Dynasty to the Angelus and Antimar Subsectors.

120.M38: Space Hulk Unchartable Destruction appears in the outskirts of the Messina sector. The Hos, Magnum and Thrace all claim equal salvage rights. The Subsector partitions the Hulk into sections for each Rogue Trader, and onboard the Space Hulk soldiers from all three sides war out of sight of the Imperium. The Magnum line, being assigned the “middle” of the Hulk fares the worst in this conflict.

122.M38: The Unchartable Destruction returns into the warp. Janthine Thrace and the Fury of the Righteous are pulled in from the warp currents. The Thrace Dynasty’s warrant is lost, and the Magnum Dynasty is weakened by their ill fortune during this venture, leaving the Hos Dynasty leeway to acquire more ships and influence within the subsector through the gains made aboard the Space Hulk.

182.M38: The Bellrath Crusade begins. Emil Hos joins the Crusade to attempt to expand the dynasty’s influence into Segmentum Pacificus.

221.M38: The “Battlefleet Hos” is used in a feint by Preator Bellrath to tie up the forces of the Hellgrammite race of Xenos while the bulk of the Crusade pushes to the heart of their empire. The feint is succesful, although the Battlefleet Hos is badly depleted by this action. Emil Hos is honoured for his action, but no longer has the resources to hold the newly acquired territory.

223.M38: The remainder of the Imperial Navy portion of Battlefleet Hos is called back to reinforce and resupply in the Scarus Sector. Emil Hos steps down as head of the Dynasty in the wake of his failure to strengthen or expand trading ties.

410.M38: Janthine Thrace re-emerges from the Warp tainted by Chaos and begins raids on the Scarus Sector. Several key supply lines held by the Hos Dynasty are damaged, and Tristan Hos rallies allies to cleanse the heretic from the Sector.

423.M38: The crusade against the corrupted Thrace dynasty reaches its pitch in the skies over Hesperus. The Light of the Throne intercepts virus bombs meant for the planet and kills everyone on board, Tristan Hos included. No bombs make it to the planet, and he the dynasty’s position is strengthened and once more acclaimed across the sector. Janthine Thrace retreats into the warp with the entirety of her forces destroyed.

826.M38: After an extensive retrofit, the Light of the Throne is salvaged and its core-systems integrated and relaunched as a Light Cruiser, serving once more as the Flagship to the Hos Dynasty.

322.M39: Angevin Crusade begins.

325.M39: Sebastian Hos leads requisitions a group of local Battlefleet ship under the guise of needing protection to rediscover lost worlds in the Halo Stars. This fleet is called the Second Battlefleet Hos, and attracts many independent traders and merchantmen fly under its banner.

384.M39: Sebastian Hos is killed during an attack by unknown Xenos in the closing days of the Crusade. The details of this attack are sealed by the Inquisition and the Warrant, though not the body is returned to the family. Aestaban Hos ascends to continue participation in the Crusade.

716.M39: Victris Hos is appointed Rogue Trader of the dynasty and takes the Light of the Throne along with the warrant into the Koronous Expanse to seek the truth of what happened during the Crusade and regain the family honour. His ship is never seen again.

726.M39: Having had no contact with Victris Hos for a decade, the remainder of the Dynasty appoints Inessa Hos as Rogue Trader and forges a deception that the warrant is still in their control.

731.M39: Under Inessa’s direction, the dynasty’s influence expands trading ties with the Agripinaa and Gothic Sectors. This expansion brings her into contact with the Fel dynasty’s current warrant holder Thale Fel, operating out of the Tamahl Sector.

782.M39: The Fel dynasty is suspected in the destruction of trading routes inside the Ophidian Subsector. The two dynasties begin a protracted war of opportunity on each other.

797.M39: Jace Hos falls out of favour with the dynasty. In vengeance, he reveals to the Fel dynasty that the warrant was lost with Victris Hos. This begins a protracted political movement by the Fel to force the Hos into publicly presenting their warrant for validation. Both sides engage in manoeuvring to stave off what is believed by the Hos to be the downfall of their house.

800.M39: Inessa Hos steps down in favour of Emil Hos, to use the period of transition to delay the request to present their warrant.

805.M39: Emil Hos is assassinated. Despite claims that Thale Fel was behind the death, he has been located on Thracian Primaris, capital of the subsector for the last year under close watch of the local government. Zacharie Hos ascends to be the new head of the Dynasty.

814.M39: Thracian Primaris demands that the Hos warrant is presented for approval and the Sector begins imposing a series of escalating trade sanctions due to refusal to provide validation.

826.M39: A signal from Victris Hos’s personal Salvation Beacon is detected on the outskirts of the Halo Stars. Upon examination of the signal, the Light Cruiser In Purgatio Lumen thought lost in the Angevin Crusade is discovered. On board is a barely functional servitor crew, the Hos warrant, and a single data-slate reading “Exactly As Planned”. The recovered warrant is presented to the Governor of Helican Subsector, and is confirmed as genuine.

818.M39: Political fallout from the Fel dynasty’s failed accusation results in many of their trading contracts being absorbed by the Hos. The dynasty’s influence now cemented inside the Scarus sector, they make inroads into the entire Segmentum Obscurus.

823.M39: Mechanicum officials require official examination of the In Purgatio Lumen, and declare its components to date back to pre-Crusade era technology. No record of the Light Cruiser’s origin can be found, and it is declared a Mechanicum holy site. Despite petitions by the Adeptus Mechanicus to claim the Lumen, the Battlefleet defend the Hos family’s right to establish their new Dynasty flagship as the In Purgatio Lumen. Zacharie Hos grants the Mechanicum the right of pilgrimage to the ship to ensure the purity of the site.

001.M40: Zacharie Hos dies. To prevent the disaster from the loss of the warrant with the Rogue Trader, the dynasty petitions Thracian Primaris for an amendment. The warrant will now be held “in trust” by the dynasty legacy operating out of Hesperus. The active Rogue Trader will have a Writ of Authority that grants them the power of the warrant that is only revocable upon death. Esailla Hos becomes the first Authority Holder of the Hos dynasty.

089.M40: Pirates capture Esailla Hos, interrogating her for her warrant of trade or ransoming her to the dynasty. As there is no proof of her death, a new Rogue Trader cannot be named, slowing the Hos expansion. Esailla Hos in her only message extolls the dynasty to not pay for her return.

093.M40: After four years of torture, Esailla Hos convinces the crew of the Raider she is held captive on to mutiny and gains control of the destroyer Grievous Harm, returning to the dynasty. Depsite her certainty that this was orchestrated by the Fel Dynasty and a focused investigation, the power behind the pirates is never established.

211.M41: The Meritech Heresy occurs. The Hos Dynasty’s freedom of movement between the Scarus and Calixis sector is exploited to root out these heretics, though it is believed some escaped to the neighbouring Ixaniad Sector.

826.M41: 4,000 years after the founding of the Hos dynasty, Jequin Hos arrives at Port Wander to begin his legacy as the newest Rogue Trader. Continued in The Jequin Hos Rogue Trader Time Line.

Hos Dynasty Warrant History

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