Hos Dynasty Regiments


The Hos Dynasty has grown from one madman commanding a Light Cruiser to a series of linked colonies, each contributing pieces of their economy to each other in a mutually beneficial and efficient cycle of growth that are overseen by a madman who now commands a small fleet of vessels.

Unfortunately it turns out that as your colonies grow into worlds there are problems with criminals, and then periodically Orks, Rak’Gol, other Rogue Traders, Eldar or just some random jerk you’ve never met before tries to pick a fight with you. Thus you require a standing army! Or armies! Take your pick!

Since there are actually rules for Regiment Creation, unlike with platoons we just follow the rules from Only War/Hammer of the Emperor. The cost to establish a platoon is burning 3 Profit Factor, and GM approval since planets can only support a certain number.

Existing Regiments

Svard – An army established on the Mining Colony of Svard following its invasion by The Whisperer to maintain public order

Damaris – The Adeptus Administratum only tithes one Regiment from Damaris, leaving two regimental strength planetary defense forces

Inti – The “game hunters” of Inti are split among their two worlds and extremely skilled at hunting the dangerous fauna and even more dangerous flora for analysis.


  • Regiment pending?


  • Population insufficient for Regiment creation

Hos Dynasty Regiments

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