Hos Dynasty Astropathic Choir


With many of the crew boasting noble pedigrees, as well as strong ties to the Battlefleet and the strength of the Hos Dynasty, it is little surprise that the In Purgatio Lumen has a strong Astropathic Choir on board so that the vessel can remain in contact with the Imperium. Headed by Astropath Breia Poe, the Astropathic Choir serves with constancy and, for the most part, in the background of the ship’s operation. They keep the vessel in contact with the rest of the Dynasty’s Interest, and relay the progress of Jequin Hos to his backers in his House.


  • Astropath Breia Poe – Choir Master Telepathica. Leader of the Astropathic Choir.
  • Astropath Carlyle LaRue – A middle-aged man sporting a large beard who fancies himself a philosopher when not on duty.
  • Astropath Kedron Viscus – Wisened and Warped by his exposure to the Warp, he appears far older than one of his years would expect.
  • Astropath Jean Vastor – Formerly of the Thracian Astropathic Relay, her decades of service have not dulled her skills, but the messages she delivers are not always fully deciphered.
  • Astropath Mario Zeppeli – Second-shift master of the Telepathica, he is a quiet yet competent overseer when Astropath Poe is resting.
  • Astropath Gaia Thurinus – The youngest member of the Choir, her skills are still for the most part untested.
  • Astropath Raven Vacarius – Sullen and withdrawn, she has only been known to speak when receiving an Astropathic message.
  • Astropath Timoetheus Black – An accident he does not speak of has left this Astropath with a large number of augmetic limbs, and he tends to deal primarily with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Special Exemptions.

  • Astropath Eckhart – This Astropath has been elevated to the rank of First Officer aboard the In Purgatio Lumen, and serves as the right hand of Rogue Trader Jequin Hos. He has not been seen in the Astropathic Choir in the memories of anyone currently serving.

Fallen Astropaths

  • Although the Lumen has thus far been blessed with not having any Astropaths perish in the line of duty, it is only a matter of time.

Hos Dynasty Astropathic Choir

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