Hollow Worlds


The Svard System is dying. Its star is in its death throes, and the only remaining gas giant of Jatti is slowly spiralling off into the void. Nonetheless, the system will endure for millennia to come, and the fact that the Gas Giant has such a massive gravitational pull that countless millions of asteroids and planetoids have been drawn into its orbit. These resources were theorized to be the reason behind the initial foundation of the system, and even during the thousand year period when Svard Prime was cut off from the rest of the system, the mining endeavours of the system continued as its ships slowly dwindled.

The fleet of Svard Mining Transports regularly visit this area and return to the forges of Cog and the power plants of Svard Prime laden with materials that are needed for the colony system’s long-term survival. More exotic materials are also mined and traded to the Imperium and Rogue Traders in exchange for goods and services from outside of the system.

The Hollow Worlds are so dense and vast that the individual mining guilds have their own areas where they are cleared to exploit, and despite two thousand years of activity none have needed to apply for a new area. It is rumoured that many of the Hollow Worlds have followed the example of Kybu, and the mining families have set up small asteroid colonies of their own so that they are never far from the source of their livelihood.

Notable Inhabitants.

  • Not suitable for human habitation, but regularly visited by the mining guilds of Svard. Human habitation is rumoured.

The Salvation of Svard

The Svard Defense Force Frigates attempted to reclaim the Hollow Worlds after the rebellion started. Three of their frigates were lost, and the remainder sent back to Svard crippled. A large percentage of the Svard mining tarnsports have also been lost in this area.

Hollow Worlds

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