Hunger unwound what little hope was left, and moved us to what humanity would not have contemplated
-Comdeus Canto survivor of the expedition from the Inferno’s Child

Administratum Information

Classification: Pleasure System
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: 753.M41
Current Proprietor: Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda
Environment: Unknown
Recommendations: Wasn’t nice to visit before the warp storms.

Player’s Handout


Founded by Rogue Trader Asypce Chorda early in her career in the Koronus Expanse, it was speculated that she sought claim to the Trailing subsector to compete with Calligos Winterscale for a region that would draw Rogue Traders – and their commensurate influence – to her banner.

The system of Grace was original a storm-ridden world that hid a beautiful, unspoiled landscape that had never seen human or xenos life colonized on it. The wealthiest of Imperial nobility and the most successful of criminals built elaborate palaces on its surface, and Aspyce Chorda collected neither tithe nor tax from the builders apart from the initial exorbitant cost to build the estates.

Supply runs were set up between the colony and Footfall, and for a time the system seemed to prosper. Alas, nothing lasts in the Foundling Worlds, and whether it was the decadent sin of the inhabitants drawing the wrath of the God-Emperor or the innate folly of colonies in the subsector, in 792.M41, a warp storm rolled over the planet and has not abated since. The fate of those who dwelled in Grace is still unknown.

The Warp Storms around Grace have recently subsided, and the Hos Dynasty has been hired by the Ventan Iron Hounds to recover The Widening Gyre.

Rumours about Grace

  • Grace did not have an official Imperial Shrine set up on its world, meaning many viewed the Warp Storms as divine retribution from the God-Emperor
  • Despite having forfeited her claims to the planet, and showing no interest before the Storms, Aspyce Chorda launched several missions to try to reach the system.
  • Treasure hunters across the Expanse want to be the first to the planet as the palatial estates no doubt contain a lot of treasure suitable for “salvage”
  • Grace Gyn was distilled from the local fungi on the planet, and was the only export of any note.
  • Most of the colonists of Grace were criminals or hedonistic nobles, and they no doubt had many defenses to keep their treasures secure.

Author : Navigator Secundarium onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : Entrence to the Grace System
Classification : KQIeegHIl
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : 1d654bkg-yik7-fv11-xaow-79o5573yb81n

Information gathered previously had told that the Grace system had been cut off by terrible warp storms since 792.M41, in the preceding years only rumors of people returning from Grace have been heard no hard evidence.

It was with trepidation that the In Purgatio Lumen moved on to Grace. Truly it was a blessing from the Emperor to celebrate mass at the False Hope system. While moving through the warp I encountered a large warp storm passing through from Grace to the False Hope system. Thankfully I was able to steer above and around it. Celebrating that mass gave time to the storm to move from Grace and give a clear path to the system.

But this was not the only hazard. Before exiting the system a number of imprints in the warp were seen. We floated through one of these ghost ships, that seemed to have been destroyed trying to enter/exit the warp around Grace. It was a harrowing experience that effected the crew I am told. I have spent some time talking to the crew to asses there experience they had and see if they are in good spirits.



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