The spirits of the dead cry here, not processing that their runtime has ended. – Explorator Morag Kazon of the Sacred Parity

Administratum Information

Classification: Mining System
Region: Ragged Worlds
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Ship hulks and mineral-laden moons


Raakata is a system composed of gas giants encased in giant planetary debris rings that make navigation into their orbit all-but-impossible. A number of STC-compliant hulks are reported in the rings around their various planets, but none of them have been identified as Imperial vessels. Salvage operations in this system prove all-but-impossible, as to retrieve the ship requires moving your vessel close enough to put yourself at risk.

Those that pass through this system occasionally report vox traffic as if some of the hulks are calling out to them, speaking of duty unfinished and begging for rescue, but no activity has ever been detected from any of the derelict vessels.


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