Administratum Classifications

Classification: Outpost System
Region: The Cauldron
Founding: 410.M41 – Footfall. Unknown – Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17
Current Proprietor: Tanthus Morris (Footfall) & Adeptus Mechanics (ATCE-17)
Environment: Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
Recommendations: Don’t Drink the Water


The light of Furibundus is said to be the first that you can see when you emerge from the Koronus Passageway into the Expanse, and is the first port of call for all who wish to resupply and relax following their journey. Originally part of the Stations of Passage it was expanded into a part of the Cauldron with the founding of Footfall by Rogue Trader Parsimus Dewain. Now the first sight in and the last sight out of the Expanse, hundreds of Rogue Traders gather their for clandestine meetings both peaceful and violent, missionaries gather on holy pilgrimages to reclaim worlds and criminals hide, believing themselves safe from Imperial Judgement.

In close orbit of Furibundus itself lies the Mechanicus Shrine of Altar-Templum-Calixis-Ext-17. It is unknown when this Shrine was established, what few non-Mechanicus trading vessels visit the system are silent on what they have observed in that shrine, and no unsanctioned vessels that attempted contact with the outpost have ever returned – according to the Mechanicus they were caught in Furibundus’ gravitational pull and lost with all hands.

Current Situation

Footfall is currently ruled by Liege Tanthus Moross since 808.M41 and has held on to power for the last eight years placing him as one of the longest running Lieges on Footfall’s history. The Adeptus Mechanicus shrine is content to keep to its own council, and despite the prevalence of traders willing to sell information on Footfall, no reliable news on what happens on that shrine has been identified.


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