You’re jumping at ghosts, this system is as empty and dull as its planets – Last recorded words of Rogue Trader Kai Yin

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Dead World
Region: The Cauldron
Discovery: 014.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Don’t Follow the Lights


Foulstone was one of the first systems discovered in the Koronus Expanse after the Maw was opened, and it has yet to yield any of its secrets to the scores of Rogue Traders that have explored the surface. The Foulstone system possess three inhabitable planets, equally spaced from the central star, each planet has three habitable moons orbitting it. There are no plant or animal life detected on any of the celestial bodies, nor is there any sign of water ever having existed on the planets. Nonetheless, each planet contains an atmosphere suitable for human life, although it is tainted with an unpleasant odour no one has been able to identify..

Mineral surveys have shown nothing of interest in Foulstone, and for the most part the system has failed to attract any attention or colonization effort. The only true unique occurrence is that Eldar raiders will periodically and viciously attack and either destroy or drive off ships passing through this system. It’s unknown what spurs these attacks, and despite concerted efforts by Rogue Traders and the Battlefleet alike, no Eldar have ever been recovered to explain these attacks.


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