Formal Dinners


In a galaxy where the men you count as peers have the power and influence to buy and sell entire planets on a whim, getting more than one of them in a room during a social engagement is a good way to set in motion world-shattering events for good or evil and have little in the way of the ability to steer their course. It is for this reason, that the formal dinner was invented. A chance for all parties to sit down and be served dishes of such wonder and complexity that to eat them would detract from the beauty in existence. This is usually fortunate because these dishes are often all-but-inedible, some being actually poisonous to the human digestive tract while others have such strange and unpredictable effects that eating them could damn your very soul.

It was this breathtaking revelation in culinary warfare that reduced the possible consequences of a formal dinner among Rogue Traders from system-spanning warfare to a series of breathtakingly stupid dares and one-upsmanship that has managed at many times to salvage peace and stability from an otherwise untenable affair.

There’s usually an excellent assortment of wine as well.

Notable Dishes

  • Dolorium Throat-Crab – A tiny crab-like creature no larger than a child’s fish, the meat of the entity breaks down incredibly quickly once the host organism is killed, meaning the only safe way to “enjoy” the creature is through natural digestion in the stomach. Those who successfully force a live crab down their throat report a pleasant, creamy sensation as the meat is broken down in their stomach acids. Those who do not, usually scream and cough up blood as the creature ravages them from the inside.
    • Tasting ChallengeChallenging (+ 0) Strength Test
    • Social Benefits – + 20 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – Look like a boss.
    • Failure – Suffer 1d10 internal damage (reduced by Toughness). You may make a Challenging (+ 0) Toughness Test to pass this off as a success, but failure results in vomitting for 1d10 minutes.
  • Jerazol Brain-Fluke in Ork Spinal Fluid – A thin, watery liquid that smells vaguely of fungus, this dish could otherwise pass itself off as a light consomme. The Orkish spinal fluid causes it to assume a gel like viscosity that is usually shaped into a small sphere that melts on the tongue once added. It, as yet, has not been tried.
    • Tasting Challenge – Unknown
    • Social Benefits – + 40 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – Your palette is cleansed, and you gain a + 10 bonus on whatever Tasting Challenge you embark on next.
    • Failure – Gain 1d5 Insanity.
  • Medusae Tartar – This parasite from Burnscour has an unfortunate tendency to latch onto its victims heads and subvert their consciousness giving them full access to a human body as a mindless puppet. If the Medusae can be safely extracted (usually by killing their host) then it is possible to carve out a specific section of the brain and, by only lightly searing it, consume it for a taste experience that is completely overshadowed by the vivid recollection of the Medusae vitim’s last moments.
    • Tasting Challenge – Requiers an Arduous (- 40) Willpower Test
    • Social Benefits – + 40 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – Relive the last few moments of the Medusae’s victim.
    • Failure – Gain 1d10 Insanity as you relive the victim’s last moments before their will is gone forever.
  • Shardspider Eggs in Promethium Soup – The Shardspider is exactly what it sounds like, and its eggs are little better possessing a number of small, razor sharp spines that retract into the flesh of the egg when exposed to Promethium. As a result, eating this is a matter of judging when the spines are fully retracted, and thus it is safe to quickly swallow where the body’s natural acids will break it down. It is advised not to have any open flames anywhere near this dish for obvious reasons
    • Tasting Challenge – Requiers a Difficult (- 10) Perception Test
    • Social Benefits – + 30 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – A pleasant aroma is released by the egg as it breaks down internally.
    • Failure – Suffer 2d10 points of temporarly Toughness damage, and lose 1 Wound every 10 minutes until you receive medical attention.
  • Vaporious Sand Tiger Flank – The Sand Tigers of Vaporious are dangerous creatures possessed of a rare, jewelled skeleton that goes for hundreds of thousands of Thrones if it can be captured without damage. It is a mark of the extravagence of a Rogue Trader that someone would kill a creature, and then grind up the skeleton for use as “natural seasoning” on the meat of these creatures, which is itself unremarkable.
    • Tasting Challenge – Requiers an Hard (- 20) Toughness Test
    • Social Benefits – + 20 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – You swallowed a sprinkling of gravel and some unremarkable meat.
    • Failure – You permanently lose 1 point of Toughness as the particles of the skeleton pierce your skin, enter your bloodstream and cause internal damage.
  • Warp Eel in Egarian Wrapping – The long dead Egarian society has produced few examples of technology, or indeed any cultural artifacts that are not mysterious, incomprehensible crystals. What few examples of textile weaving found are often quite old and decayed, and indistinguishable from a soiled rag you would find in an underdeck. People naturally began to wrap these around live eels that were subjected to a warp breach, and ate them as a kind of challenging crêpe, if that dish periodically fused with your very soul and caused uncontrollable mutations.
    • Tasting Challenge – Requiers a Hellish (- 60) Willpower Test.
    • Social Benefits – + 50 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – A piquante sensation on your tongue.
    • Failure – Make a Very Hard (- 30) Toughness Test to vomit the creature up immediately. Success results in 1d10 damage to the head, not reduced by Armour or Toughness as well as vomitting for 1d5 Hours. Failure results in the the eater gaining a random Mutation.
  • Winterscale Creeper with Rakken Brain Sauce – Despite the unappealing name, this is a reasonably tame offer by formal dinner standards. The creeper is a thoroughly disgusting plant that has adapted to the icy conditions of Lucin’s Breath, and the Rakken is a vermin usually found in the underdeck of a ship whose brain fluids are not actively toxic. Eating this is a test of endurance more than anything else, as although this dish is unlikely to kill you, it is thoroughly revolting.
    • Tasting Challenge – Requiers a Challenging (+ 0) Toughness Test.
    • Social Benefits – + 10 Bonus to Social Interaction
    • Success – You question why you thought this was a good idea.
    • Failure – Reduce your Toughness and Strength Bonus by 1 for 1d5 Hours as you suffer internal cramps. A Challenging (+ 0) Deceive Test can convince people you ate this with no ill effects.

Formal Dinners

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