Fate Points


Ah Fate Points, those precious little resources that allow you to retry that horrible botch when convincing the port authority to not inspect your cargo, or not miss an enemy vessel with your almighty lance shot. Also you burn them to keep you alive when you send the weakest and least armoured member of your party off alone where he gets ambushed by Xenos Horrors.

This page will keep track of the various uses of Fate Points

Official Uses of Fate Points

  • Re-roll a failed test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
  • Gain a +10 bonus to a Test. This must be chosen before the dice are rolled
  • Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative
  • Instantly remove 1d5 damage (does not affect Critical Damage)
  • Instantly recover from being Stunned

House-ruled use of Fate Points

  • Gain a +10 bonus to a Test after the dice are rolled. You may only do this once per roll.
  • Instantly remove 1d5 levels of Fatigue.

Burning Fate Points

If you burn a Fate Point, then as long as there is a vaguely reasonable justification, you will survive the current scene. If your Explorator is knocked out but there are NPCs nearby, one of them will heroically pull him to safety. If you are knocked out in the course of combat, and someone subsequently detonates a tactical nuclear device by your head, you will need to burn another Fate Point.

Fate Points

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