To be just, our law must be cruel – Motto of the Adeptus Arbites


Exclusion is a unique world in the Svard system, as although the Mining Colony is not officially affiliated with the Imperium of Mankind this world has been given over to the Adeptus Arbites for the establishment of an outpost. The world of Exclusion is in the furthest orbit from Jatti, possessing a thin atmosphere and a lower-than-average-gravity that is just on the cusp of making the Administratum’s cutoff for habiltability. Native life to Exclusion is rare apart from the occasional pockets of simple wildlife and plant life, but the difficult living conditions are perfect for the Arbites who will train in this facility in heavy mag-boots to compensate for the gravity, and the atmosphere makes heavy exertion an additional challenge that they seem to revel in.

The world was unpopulated until the rediscovery of Svard by the Imperium, and the presence of an Imperial force on an unaligned Imperial World happened through a means so convoluted an Administratum Scribe probably smiled for a few days after thinking of it. The minor forge colony of Cog was overseen by the Adeptus Mechanicus, and members of the Battlefleet Koronus as well as unaligned Rogue Traders would often stop in this colony for refuelling and supplies. As the Navy and Mechanicus both provided essential supplies to the colony an independent body had to be set up to ensure fairness in mercantile ventures, but no single body was trusted by the other. Thus the solution was hit upon to establish the Arbites Precinct on Exclusion, who would ensure the law was upheld on the Imperial side of a bargain. In turn they would train up local Svard enforcers to Imperial standards and law, and then they could police Svard Prime and its holdings.

It’s theorized that the end result of such a goal was to slowly indoctrinate the Enforcers of Svard to Imperial thinking to aide in laying the groundwork for the conversion of Svard to Imperial rule. Several sections of Exclusion have been given over to planning for what appears to be massive Administratum complexes, and the rumours are if the colony joins the Imperium the world will be slowly transformed into the Administrative sector of the world. Given the tensions between Svard and the Imperium, and the resulting crisis in the system it is uncertain if these plans will ever come to pass.

Notable Personnel

  • Anette Klabund – Chief Verispex and Adeptus Administratum Liaison
  • Anthony Kvist – Svard Noble who was sent to Exclusion to oversee staff facility and maintain morale
  • Olympia Minucci – Current head of the Arbites Precinct
  • Veronous Erickson – Leader of the Enforcers on Svard
  • Vartan Andreev – Noble sent to Exclusion by his family in the hope of toughening him up.

The Salvation of Svard

Arch-Militant Zacharya Caine was dispatched to Exclusion to determine why the world had gone dark and not assisted with the crisis to this point. Arriving he learned that the Imperial Envoy to Svard had ordered all Imperial personnel to withdraw, or withhold aide until the Crystal Council of Svard capitulated to the Imperium. This led to a riot from the associated prisoners who were enfuriated and terrified at remaining locked up during this crisis, and they managed to gain control of the facility. The situation was exacerbated by the murder of the Arbites Senioris, but Caine managed to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the crisis and a continuation of Arbites protection in exchange for the lives of those who were responsible for the murder of the Senioris.

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