Escort Missions and Xenos Treachery

Escort Missions and Xenos Treachery

Report By: Lieutenant Josette Nichols
Date of Report: 099.826.M41
Classification : e83b1d84-3aa0-4c6f-a919-3c557bf0dd79


Our mission to the Hollow Worlds was one that was long in development, and thanks to the superior leadership and tactical planning of Lord-Captain Jequin Hos, one that we were finally ready to undertake. With sufficient Defense Frigates to defend both the central world as well as the Mechanicus Forge Moon, the In Purgatio Lumen departed alongside Captain Lindsay Garret – a woman spoken highly of by Arch-Militant Caine, and who would rise in my esteem as well before the mission was concluded.

While en route to the mysterious asteroid belt, the Augur Array that had been giving me trouble finally came back online. It appeared to now be locked into detecting the Gas Giant that we were orbiting, an occurrence put down to the tech heresies of Syros Yurth. It is fortunate indeed that our Explorator was vigilant enough to catch him in his heretical ways, and I personally thanked him for ridding us of this dangerous renegade. Despite the unusual sensor echos, the Augur was once again operating in the manner familiar to me, and I felt I would have no further problems scanning.

The Hollow Worlds were as dense as the field we encountered in Magoros, and I was thankful for our scanners once again operational. The captain of the mining transport we were escorting let us know that he was ready to begin operation. The captain first made the resources of our mighty vessel available to him before starting, and I am convinced that this act of leadership led a greatly improved output during the mining. At first it seemed things would go unnoticed, but half-a-day into the operation I detected three other Defense Force frigates closing in on our position.

The Battle

My scans revealed that these vessels did not match the known configuration of the defense frigates, as though they had been corrupted by foul Xenotech. The Captain ordered us to battlestations, and we broke from our guard to engage the foul traitors. Captain Garret remained behind in case more vessels broke through, and our Cruiser made to engage the vessels alone. A brief navigation through the asteroid field, and we were in prime position with our superior weaponry. I completed my scanning operations to identify the critical differences in this vessel – mainly focusing on some strange Xenotech implants as well as a modified lance system. The deckhands unleashed a furious volley of macrocannon fire, followed by Arch-Militant Caine – guided as ever by the pious Maturinus of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano – managed to inflict a massive blow to the first frigate with our lance battery.

The frigates closed in on our position, and a mighty macrocannon salvo was unleashed on us by the lead vessel. Though it seemed like our void shields could not possibly hold, First Officer Eckhart showed us the true force of his psychic will, reinforcing our shields and keeping any damage from reaching our vessel. Our second volley was not as effective as the first, though still inflicting moderate but not crippling damage to another one of the attack frigates, as we made to break off and reposition closer to the Frigate, I detected three unknown vessels at the far edge of my scanning range, bearing on our position. Undetected by Captain Garret, the Lord-Captain nonetheless ordered her to prepare for battle, as we repositioned ourselves.

Another volley came in from the Frigates, and one macrocannon salvo got through, inflicting damage to our vessel and consigning thousands of our crew to what I pray was a swift death in the void. Following up with a lance strike, First Officer Eckhart again managed to throw his energy into blocking the shot, and we were protected from further damage. The vessels I had been scanning quickly homed in on the position of the mining transport, and appeared to materialize into realspace, where it could be detected by all.

Determined to finish off the attack Frigates, our mighty broadsides and lances were sufficient to Hulk two of them, and position ourselves so that our starboard lasbatteries could target one of the strange wasp ships. Captain Garret also took her frigate into the fight, and downed one of the ships herself. Unfortunately that left one frigate and Wasp still functional, and they closed in on the transport, unleashing a deadly volley that the transport only just managed to evade, taking no damage. Ordering a full turn, we took the Lumen into the middle of the two enemy vessels, and with Captain Garret damaging the remaining Wasp-ship, and our Lance firing from point blank on the Frigate, we were able to easily destroy both vessels, protecting the frigate from harm.


Though neither Svard vessel took any damage, we did not escape unscathed from the attack. Approximately 8,000 crewmembers lost their lives to that deadly macrocannon barrage, and our vessel is now only at about 2/3rd effective fighting strength with no indication of when we will be able to get it repaired. Morale remains high however, and the two hulked Frigates will hopefully yield information as to what exactly is going on in this system, and how we can make to fight it better.

Escort Missions and Xenos Treachery

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