The Egarian Dominion is the name given by Explorers of the Koronus Expanse to a long-dead civilization of Xenos that once dwelt there. By the time that the Imperium discovered The Maw and the Stations of Passage, and began formal entry into the Koronus Expanse, the Egarian civilization was long dead.

No trace of the bodies of this Xenos race has ever been discovered, and whatever technology they used to explore the stars has thus far eluded the investigations of all of the best Xeno-Archaeologists out there. It is known that they must have explored the stars, as the region of space named Egarian Dominion in Winterscale’s Realm all bears the same hallmarks of their civilization. Vast tracts of claustrophobic mazes culminating in giant crystal spires dot the worlds of the Dominion, but no trace of bodies or technology has ever been discovered there.

The one constant hallmark of the Egarian civilization is the unusual crystal material that makes up their mazes and spires. This crystal is white, with a slight opacity that blurs the image of anything on the other side. When held up to light, the crystals produce a variety of mulitcoloured hues that light up their structures in disturbing patterns.

Party Interaction

The Explorers discovered Egarian Ruins in the Magoros system of The Foundling Worlds. Even more remarkable was that on Magoros Prime lurked a single example of potentially functioning Egarian “technology”, dubbed the Egarian Memory Archive. When powered by the power transmitted from Magoros Secundus, this tower displayed a complete visual astronomic record of the system.

No other technology or xenos corpses were discovered on Magoros.


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