A more backward place than Dross I have yet to find. – Tarak Hippal, Pilgrim of the Red Walk

Administratum Information

Classification: Frontier System
Region: The Heathen Stars
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: Dross Inhabitants
Environment: Sandstorms and Arid


Although Dross appears on all standard maps of the Koronus Expanse, not much is known about this system. The system was first charted by Rogue Trader Nejo Skylax who reported that there were indigenous tribes living on the surface of the world who engaged in a primitive worship of the God-Emperor.

There is little more than that known however, as the planet of Dross is constantly surrounded by a storm of unknown type or origin, that makes landing on it from orbit nigh-impossible. Some reports indicate that the true danger lies from some power on the surface of Dross that distorts the machine spirits of any vessel that try to approach, but obviously anyone who has suffered this disaster did not survive to report the truth.


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