Destruction of a Chaos Fleet

Recounting the Battle in the Svard System, at Point X753kmm@&!-78

Report By: Navigator Marturinus
Date of Report:318.841.M41
Classification : cc1d7569-g8df-8973-3s46-841f85b0e4e4


It was in some ways fortunate that this Renegade Piractical attack occurred at the Hos Dynasty was gear up for war against Winterscales forces.

This unnecessary battle was initiated by one Ember Nostromo. She appeared uninvited and unwanted on the Hos Commonwealth Planet of Svard. It was here that she was attack and banished. However she noted that she was being chased through the warp.

An ominous rumbling was heard on some Astropathic frequencies, shouts of “Blood for the Blood God” was heard. It was no doubt Chaos renegades. The whole Inner Sanctum and Command Structure of Svard was ready. They swung themselves into action against this new threat. The plan to be prepared against Winterscale was not paying off against another threat.

The Battle

It was know that the fleet the Hos Dynasty was facing composed of two cruisers. In addition 3 light cruisers were detected and 5 raiders and escort vessels were found. Opposing this was the cruisers the Fallen Hand. The In Purgatio Lumen was again the flagship. In addition the Frigates Aquilla Ascendant and 10 SDF Frigates in addition to 5 raiders (Agony from the Storm, Antaresia’s Venom, Liasis’s Venom , Morelia’s Venom, and Vagaries of the Warp).

It appeared that the Chaos renegades had the upper hand in larger ships. However they were seriously outnumber in screening and smaller ships. This would be the downfall.

Instead of staying at range and peppering the Hossian ships until severely damaged, they brashly charged into the Hossian Fleet. That threw away any advantage they had in long range weaponry. It allowed the smaller and more nimble Hossian ships to move in and out and hit the renegade ship from multiple angles like small bees attacking a dog.

Although the battle was going well, it was in a dangerous place. When the renegade ship was able to lock into a boarding action (as they all seemed to do) it was a dangerous game.

The Lumen was boarded by one of the cruisers. In it began a terrifying fight. The cruiser had more men and monsters on board then the Lumen. However the cruiser did not have the tactical acumen of the Hos Dynasty’s Inner Council.

It was here that Hos was able to set trap and lure the renegades into fire lanes. As the parties moved further into the Lumen they were slowly cut off and strangled. This style of retreat and hitting renegades from eh side continued for around 5 hours.

Myself and my Lidless Stair produced a dozen score of kills. Not only that but Caine and Sarvus were using there massive weaponry and strength to great effect. Caine slicing through masses of renegades with his plasma weaponry. Sarvus was causing ruptured bodies all around him with his massive Space Marine stature. The work of us three was a stabilizing presence on the front line as Lord Hos coordinated the quick piercing counter attacks and traps for the invaders.

A high point for myself was vaporizing 20 renegades as they charged toward the lines, with one horrific blast of the warp.

While this battle was going on board the Lumen, outside the Hos Fleet was seeing its strategy work perfectly. Many of the enemy vessels attempted to ram or board others. However the smaller Hos vessels were able to dodge many of this incoming attacks. No doubt frustrated, and slowly being shot to pieces many of the renegade ships chose death over surrender. They engaged in suicidal ramming actions, or they were scuttling the ships they owned.

The battle finally died down. However we first boarded the enemy cruiser. It was silently empty, our steps echoing down the harrowed corridors of this vessel. It was here that we meet the so called “Hearld of Khorne”. She was able to neutralize the psychic powers of myself and Eckhart.

However Sarvus and Caine, had other weapons. Namely the trusty plasma weapon and a disintegration scepter. Eckhart and myself and Hos provided some distraction. But the ruthlessness of Caine was soon seen with his powerful lighting claws. Multiple punctures of the Heralds armor lead to it being banish back to warp.

After Action

For now Svard was safe. And it seemed we had been tricked into doing Embers work for her. It could also be a reasonable extrapolation that Winterscale directed this Fleet toward Svard to weaken it. Unfortunately it only strengthen the resolve for the Svardian people! Not only that but it proved the tactical acumen of Hos and that the defensive plans for the Svard system are sound.

It was estimated that over 1 million renegades had perished. Only a cruiser, a light cruiser, and a raider were recovered. The rest were to far damage or had self destructed.

Hossian casualties were estimated at under 50,000. It was a stunning victory over the forces of the false gods. It is hoped that the defensive efforts will continue against Winterscale.

Destruction of a Chaos Fleet

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