Destroying the Messenger

Battle against the Messenger on The Widening Gyre

Banishing a False Prophet

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : kJUrNrNs-KXaf-ZYhG-zDby-558MscEX4jzU


After securing the Promise of Agony, Lord Hos decided it would be best to move onto The Widening Gyre and secure it and the cargo for our guests, the Hounds. The boarding party was led by Lord Hos, myself, Astropath Eckhart, Artifex Felicis and Sergeant Tollak, along with 90 armsmen and 10 Iron Hounds. After landing it was discovered that the entire ship had been shut down. We decided to move to the enginarium to resume power given to the ship and restore the ship to normal operation. The Enginarium was secured successfully and the boarding party moved back to the hanger bay after power was restored in two hours. Of the former crew there was no sign. There was no sign of damage or destruction anywhere, it was like everyone just vanished from the ship.

With the atmosphere restored, the Captain returned to fetch his blasphemous cat-creature. It was there that the Gyrinx began hissing at some of the men accompanying us. At this point Astropath Eckhart was able to find a disturbing psychic presence in a number of the men. Warning me he asked me to confirm this event. I was unable to detect anything that Astropath Eckhart was describing or what the Gyrinx was hissing at, but I soon had an idea.

The Battle

Just then that whatever malevolent force was in this ship was let loose. 40 of the armsmen had succumbed to the demonic powers and began shooting our own men. Lord Hos then ordered the remaining armsmen to attack those that had gone insane. As Hos appealed for calm from the remainder of the troops friend vs friend fighting ensued as those minds that had been corrupted were attacked and given the Emperor’s Mercy.

Once the fighting had died down the Inner Council quickly decided that the remaining troops were in danger and should leave the Widening Gyre for the In Purgatio Lumen. With that all but Tollak had left as he stayed behind to verify that we were acting in accordance to the agreement we have with the Iron Hounds and the Gyre’s cargo.

With that it was decided that perhaps raising the Gellar Field would cause whatever warp entity was causing this disturbance to be destroyed. Upon reaching the Enginerium Artifiex Felicis was able to begin the process of bringing the Gellar Field on line. It took about 20 minutes to have the field reactivated over the ship.

At this time an unnerving holy voice was found to resonate through the chamber asking “If we have heard the good word?.” To which I responded that “Yes, we have heard the Lord Emperor’s word.” I slowly walked toward the door with which the unhallowed voice resonated behind. It was at this point that the Demonic force began to attack my mind. Clouding my thoughts with the beneficence of a deity not of the Emperor. Singing blasphemous songs to this ‘lord of promise.’ My mind began to weaken. Astropath Eckhart who accompanied me to the door suggest moving back to our previous position.

It was too late. I began to move backwards quickly, praying to the Emperor. But my faith was weak and I was unable to resist the demon’s blasphemous broadcast of hymns into my thoughts. Attempting to reach safety, the captain’s Gyrinx attempted to get in my path for some reason. Then it became clear as I felt it attempting to reach into my mind. This was too much, for I don’t need another voice in my head except the Emperor’s! I was able to stop it influence but it was becoming too much. My mind became less lucid and felt as if it was hardening. Each step like moving a mountain. Eventually we were outside of its zone of influence. I collapsed grasping the Aquila praying to the Lord Emperor.

At that point the Messenger decided to move calling out and mocking us “Well I will have to move to bring you to the light.” As he moved through the door, Artifix Felicis and Lord Hos began firing at him with the weapons that they had, while Tollak appeared frozen with fear. Sadly the unnatural agility of the foe we faced sent their shots wide.

In the flick of eyelid the Messenger was moving gracefully yet blurring his outline. He moved quickly towards the Astropath and me, oblivious to the las and bolt rounds harmlessly flying by ‘him.’ Astropath Eckhart moved to intercept the demonic force. Placing himself directly in its path he prepared his mind for coming clash before he charged at swinging his psy-sword but failed to connect as the creature dodged it with amazing speed.

As Eckhart charged the being in the door, I could sense that it was lashing out at the Astropath with its mind. However its fiendish will was no match for Eckhart’s protected mind and the beings attempts at psychic domination were of no use. Despite my resolve to assist the Astropath, I found myself overcome by a frenzy, and lashed out at that damn xenos cat that attempted to pester my mind. I failed to hit the Gyrnix, and I regret to say that the Gyrnix is an amazingly skilled fighter in an instinctual animal way. With claws as sharp as any Imperial Sword, it cut through my armor injuring my chest, the pain of which was enough to free me from my frenzy. At this point I realise I was swinging my staff blindly around with the pounding headache from the voices before.

The Captain’s inspiring leadership managed to snap Tollak out of his reverie, and the two along with Felicis continued to fire into the melee between Eckhart and the Messenger. It was truly amazing that it was able to keep track of shots being fired at it while attacking Astropath Eckhart, dodging many of the shots fired. But it failed to dodge the psy-sword of Eckhart, as it came crashing down on the messenger. Eckhart no doubt predicting its movements. The creature seemed stunned as a pulse of psyker energy moved down the sword into the beast. It was the first time though that what Eckhart had hit had not burst into nothingness. But the creatures skin did begin to peel back, revealing a shimmering skin underneath the cuts and las searing.

After being attacked by the cat, I removed a cataclysmus device, as this demonic force was clearly too strong for conventional weaponry. I began to aim it at the demonic force, but it noticed my actions and proclaimed that “It seems you have an interesting toy.” He yet again assaulted my mind, and in my previously confused state I was left unable to summon enough will to resist his chants. I recoiled into the dark recesses of my mind, watching the goings on through my eyes as if they were covered in water.

From what I could see, everyone took advantage of the demon concentrating on me. Bolter and las shots hit or drove it towards the Astropath. It attempted to persuade me to hurl the device at Eckhart, but perhaps through one last blessed effort on my part I was able to resist its command. I could sense even in my weakened state that the Gyrinx was attempting to enter my mind, but I refused to grant it purchase. Eckhart then took advantage of knowing the demons movement to swing the sword across its guts. Slashing it open only for it to scream in agony and begin to drag the Astropath into the warp with it. At that point I fell unconscious into a terrible nightmare no doubt brought on by the demon, its last parting gift to me. It was a testament to the mircaulous technology of the ancient age that I didn’t let go of the cataclysmus device in my hand, as it would have easily annihilated myself.


I awoke an hour later following an unpleasant nightmare to learn that the Messenger had been vanquished. Sent back to the warp. Although glad the ship still felt gloomy and heavy as if the presence of this Demonic Preacher has forever tainted the ship.

Tollak was most unhappy with what had occurred and the lack of information provided by his employers. He revealed that the primary purpose of the contract between this vessel and Aspyce Chorda was to transport certain individuals suspended in cryo vaults at her request. No doubt she has had some hand in bring this demon around, transporting it and attempting for it to do her work.

We searched the rest of the cargo bay as it was assumed that operational security was paramount. We didn’t want any more surprises that the Hounds did not tell us about. Tollak agreed that this was reasonable. Especially considering what just happened. Lord Hos and Eckhart told him to reconsider who he is working for given this new information.

It is unfortunate that almost 50 house troops were lost that day. In addition Lord Hos had to recover from previous damage using the newly acquired Dennisian chambers. For my part I have had enough of xenos (especially that dangerous Gyrinx) and preferred to recover from my critical damage in the medical bay. It has allowed me time to redouble my effort in mediation and has seen to help ensure my mind is not assaulted by the forces of the warp. I have used this time to prepare a map of the warp route to Grace as well.

The crew of the In Purgatio Lumen has been split between the new ship and the flagship. They report very ominous sounds and movements in the ship.

Destroying the Messenger

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