We hereby claim this world and all of its riches for the God-Emperor of mankind, and with His blessed guidance shall we till the soil and raise up our cities in His holy name
-Excerpt from the Damaris Founding Charter

Administratum Information

Classification: Imperial System
Region: The Cauldron
Founding: 813.323.M41
Current Proprietor: Planetary Government
Environment: All the efficiency and joy found in any Imperial World in the Galaxy.


The Koronus Expanse is one of the few regions of space not occupied by a Xenos empire that the Imperium of Mankind admits – however grudgingly – that it does not fully control. Its intentions to turn the region into the Koronus Sector are well-known, and Damaris was meant to be an attempt at building a civilized Imperial world inside the depths of the Expanse. Located close to the Maw, it has been designed more like an Imperial capital than an Imperial Hive, with a strong centralized population and little social mobility for those born there. In many ways this has worked against the system, because the bulk of humanity in the Expanse are Rogue Traders and their employees, or the dispossessed who are hiding from Imperial civilization resulting in a surprisingly small amount of void ships choosing to make a “spontaneous” stop in Damaris. It is the hub of a large number of trade population, but these routes have until recently been allowed to languish and only under the persistent effort of Rogue Trader Elizabeth Orleans have they started to grow again.

The planet itself is capable of supporting billions, but its current population hovers at around 50 million, the bulk of which are located in the central city of Damaris. Due to the constant flux of goods flowing in and out of the city there is a high standard of living by Imperial standards – especially considering the isolation of the planet. It boasts a remarkably modern infrastructure for such a relative backwater, with power and running water more common than not and a generally effi cient transit system of roads, ornithopter ports, and maglevs connecting the capital city with the numerous outlying communities, manses, agricombines, and commercial and industrial complexes. The majority of the non-settled land in Damaris is given over to Agri-combines or other independent industries, all of which flow in and out of the capital city. Despite the age of the colony and the remoteness of its location, its people are still a highly devote and orthodox group of worshippers, with special devotion paid to Saint Drusus, to whom they have dedicated their largest chapel.

The system itself has been extensively charted over the region. The world of Damaris is the only inhabitable planet in the System, with ideal conditions for human life. Its sole moon has been converted into a massive shipyard/space station named The Bulwark, which is the hub of its orbital defense network. Deeper in system are the trio of worlds known as The Burning Ones. Blasted clean by the immense heat of the star, they are known to have deep and plentiful veins of valuable ores, but their proximity to the star as well as their toxic atmosphere has resulted in none feeling that the potential expenditures for harvesting the materials would be worth the effort. In the outer edges of the system is the massive gas giant of Skadi, a super-massive gas giant that has been the subject of conflicting reports as to its appearance and location, proving to move under an orbit the Mechanicus has verified is not only impossible, but also unchartable and it is only locatable by chance if that. It lurks within the Frozen Reaches, an asteroid belt along the edge of the system that also has plentiful resources and minerals that has sustained the industry of Damaris for centuries.

Author : Navigator Secundarium onboard Rogue Trader In Purgatio Lumen , Maturinus of House Pazzano
Subject : Orkish Attack on Damaris
Classification : 3QctYxUu0f95rkna8
Priority : Ship Council Review
Entry : 2.1.a

I have engaged Captain Locke during the off hours of the battles to inquire as to were this Orkish Warband has come from. After discussing with her and increasing my knowledge of the Koronus Expanse it appears that perhaps this is ‘normal event’ that occurs every once and a while.

As the Captain put it the increased Imperial presence in Port Wander, and the Koronus Expanse is actually in direct response to an Orkish invasion. A few hundred years ago an Orkish WAAAAAAAAGH came out of the Expanse, conquered Port Wander and laid waste to the surrounding area. The Imperium eventually beat them back, but their forces were too badly damaged to pursue them into the Maw. Since then the systems termed “Undred-Undred Teef” sits as a known Orkish empire in the Koronus Expanse. Strangely it produces a LARGE number of Freeboterz and void craft, far more than your average Orkish systems and the Imperial Navy keeps an eye on it, and attempts to disrupt any formation of warbands to keep them from fighting. Recently though, there are more and more Orks heading into Undred-Undred Teef, and people are whispering that another giant WAAAAAAAAGH is going to come sweeping out. Right now all they’re waiting for is a Warboss (or battle) to unite all the Orkish tribes.

As we have not meet any Warboss yet, it is likley that he will join the fight in later waves. However it appears that this could simply be an overambitious Warboss looking to make a name for himself.


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