Current Acquisitions

How to make Acquisitions.

First, refer to the Acquisition Cheat Sheet.

The summary for making Acquisitions is as follows. Each player has one “free” acquisition that they can have ongoing at any one time. On top of that, every “area” you encounter can also have Acquisitions be made at it. However, every Acquisition takes a cumulative -10 penalty if you have more than one ongoing.

Current Ongoing Acquisitions



Completed Acquisitions

Regiment-quantity (500) Mervoech Assault Lasguns
  • Personal Force Sword
  • Transport Commerce Bridge
  • Round of 200-year old Amasec at the Renowned Blessing.
  • Ryboth Travel Kit (30)
  • Rare Cherry Mahogany Furniture Set
  • Platoon-quantity (30) of Armageddon Autogun (with Telescopic Sight, and Silencer)
  • Platoon-quantity (30) set of Enforcer Carapace Armour
  • Squad (5) Ryza “Wrath” Plasma Pistols
  • Personal Salvation Shield (for Navigator Maturinus)
  • MP Las-Cannon (For Arch-Militant Caine)
  • Platoon-quantity (30) of Best-Quality Chainswords
  • Best-Quality Resolution Arena for the Under Wry Beginnings

Pending Acquisitions

  • None

Failed Acquisitions

  • Personal Refractor Field
  • Trophy Room
  • Personal Duelling-las
  • Chameleon Cloak

Current Acquisitions

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