Crystal Council


The Crystal Council is an elected body of representatives that is meant to rule the system of Svard in the absence of the Rogue Trader of the Hos Dynasty. Their position following the return of Jequin Hos is interesting, as theoretically they have the same amount of power as before, but now at any point one of their decisions can be overruled or even replaced with one at his whim.

The Crystal Council meets in the central governing building on Svard Prime, and doubles as both the policy setters and the highest judiciary body in the colony. The role of Speaker is granted to the longest-serving member, who at the moment is Speaker Hermiod Tal. The other four members are Councillors, and are meant to represent the various interests of the citizenry of Svard.

Current Members

  • Speaker Hermiod Tal – The current Speaker of the Council. A self-described Scholar, he attempts to be fair and balanced to the citizenry of Svard, and supports Jequin Hos due to his dynasty’s ties to the planetary history than any true sense of loyalty.
  • Otto Kvist – The oldest member on the Council, he is a firm supporter of the Hos Dynasty, having always believed that the Dynasty would return at the hour of the planet’s greatest need.
  • Lillia Kusinen – A petulant and ill-mannered Speaker who is a spokesperson for the most affluent nobles on Svard. His true personal convictions are unknown, but he appears to disagree with everything that people propose.
  • Tiberius Kane – The Kane family was never viewed as part of “high society”, but is an integral part in the mining efforts of the Hollow Worlds, and is heavily focused on the mining industry of the system.
  • Shelley Rhea – A representative of the merchants and middle class, she is deeply involved in the trading between Svard and the Imperium of Mankind.

Crystal Council

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