If the history of Svard is to be believed, then they were out of contact with the Imperium at large for approximately a millennium before rediscovery. In that time, their mighty factories and vessels gradually fell into disrepair as without the sacred teachings of the Mechanicus the rites of Maintenance and Repair gradually faded until Svard was only left with a handful of usable manufacturing facilities and void-capable vessels for gathering raw materials. It’s likely that had they not been rediscovered the colony may have faced implosion within a century. Fortunately, the rediscovery of a mostly-stable Imperial World also brought with it the Adeptus Mechanicus, who as ever were eager to reclaim any lost technologies and spread the teachings of the Omnissiah.

Although Svard had no Archeotech or ancient pieces of technologies, they were a nearly complete mining world with nigh-limitless access to Promethium once it had been refined, prompting intense interest from the Adeptus Mechanicus. In exchange for retrofitting, repair and maintenance of Svardic facilities in-system, the Adeptus Mechanicus were granted ownership of the moon of Cog. An otherwise unremarkable moon in orbit around the dying Gas Giant, a sizeable Mechanicus Forge was soon set up on the world to begin processing and refining the ores and gasses collected in Svard, and produced the materials that would become the beating heart of Svard’s importance in the Koronus Expanse.

Over time, the thin atmosphere of the world could not cope with the intense pollution produced by the Forge, and the area around the facility was becoming unliveable even for the Augmetic bodies of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Since the planet was otherwise barren of development, the Tech-Priests hit upon the solution of mounting their Forge World on a giant track, and moving it to an area on the world that was less polluted. This process worked for a period of time until their new location was also in danger of over-pollution and the city was moved again. When it came time to move a third time, the Mechanicus realised their initial location had its pollution subside to a tolerable level, and returned there.

Since then, the Forge of Cog is now an ever-growing, mobile structure that is difficult to find through the layers of heavy industrial pollution on Cog. Travellers are advised that even though the levels are considered “tolerable” for the Mechanicus in the city, the Mechanicus workers of the Forge are almost exclusively servitors or augmetic Tech-Priests, and even normal labourers purchase respiratory upgrades and environmental suits for their work lest they face death in the toxic atmosphere.

Notable Inhabitants.

The Salvation of Svard

The Hos Dynasty has gone to Svard to re-establish contact with the Tech-Priests and restore the technical expertise of the Mechanicum to the system of Svard.

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