Citadel of Psykers

The existence of an asteroid full of a handful of beings any one of whom could strip my mind bare is of no small worry to the Citizenry of SvardSpeaker Hermiod Tal


The Citadel of Psykers controls both Astropathic and long-rance Vox traffic in and out of Svard. A tiny asteroid locked in orbit around Svard Prime, it was made habitable for living through Adeptus Mechanicus intervention, and now possesses a thin atmosphere but Terran-standard gravity to the surprise of most visitors. The staff on hand nominally consists of ten Astropaths, twenty Psylakis Warders and hundreds of Administratum personnel trained to perform the basic rites of activation and maintenance for the Vox equipment.

The Citadel was constructed soon after negotiations between the colony of Svard and the Imperium of Mankind begain in earnest. As Svard was hoped to become a major provider of Promethium and repair yards for the Battlefleet Koronus, they negotiated the installation of a permanent Astropathic colony in exchange for creating and servicing the Vox Network that would keep the rest of the moons of Svard in operation. The citizenry of Svard have little to do with the orbital Citadel, which is just as well as they are aware of the dangers of that many Psykers gathered into one area.

Notable Members

  • Astropath Giri Lhaden – Astropath Senioris and head of the Second Shift. Killed during the assault on the Citadel.
  • Astropath Johan Verdan – Astropath Senioris. Survived the assault and is working to restore operations.
  • Warder Mathieu Riek – Head Warder of the facility. Fell to whatever madness has befallen the other citizenry of Svard.

The Salvation of Svard

Astropath Eckhart and his platoon of Death Bastards were charged with discovering why the Citadel had gone dark, and reclaim it in the name of the Hos Dynasty. He was initially met by Senior Warder Riek who had informed him that the Astropaths had fallen to madness and were behind some bizarre ritual hinted at being responsible for some of the problems in Svard. It was only after the remaining Administratum staff had been overcome that Eckhart realised the Warder himself was the one that had fallen, and managed to capture him and slay his men before the rest of the Astropaths were killed.

The Citadel required some repair work, and support staff from the In Purgatio Lumen have taken over the Administratum’s duties, but the Citadel of Psykers is on track to being functional once again.

Citadel of Psykers

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