Cinerus Maleficum


Cinerus Maleficum is the name for the systems clustered around the stellar nebula of Kain’s Abyss and the gravity storms of the God-Emperor’s Scourge. The systems around the Abyss tend to be relatively young and rich in material worth due to their proximity to this wondrous phenomena. The areas around the Scourge are periodically ravaged by their proximity to the massive gravity phenomenon. All systems in this region are viewed as profitable, but because of the intense difficulty in navigating to or from this system, any long-term endeavour is invariably crippled by the warp routes disappearing.

Notable Systems

Falcon’s Fall
God-Emperor’s Scourge
Kain’s Abyss
Somnium VII
SR-651 Breaking Yards

Cinerus Maleficum

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