Charnel Stars

We shall discover sights not seen since the Imperium was young. These stars will yield their secrets to us and we shall reap the rewards!
-Last recorded broadcast Rogue Trader Galmadri of the Unbounded Potential

Administratum Information

Classification: Unknown
Region: The Foundling Worlds
Founding: N/A
Current Proprietor: N/A
Environment: Unknown
Recommendations: You’ll get what you deserve.


The light of the Charnel stars can only be seen inside the heart of the Foundling Worlds, but have presumably lured dozens of Rogue Traders to their death as to this day no one who enters this region of space ever returns. Navigators speak of baleful lights that distract them from their routes and threaten the safety of their void ship. Rumours abound of dead worlds and endless treasure, but there has never been a proven journey into the heart of these stars.

Charnel Stars

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