Cedrick Frohwein's Journal


My greatest work is done. She’s a work of art beyond anything I could had dreamed, and it will no doubt be an inspiration to the huddled masses everywhere. Nonetheless, when I think about it, it drives me to the point of distraction to find the flaw that I know is there but can never locate. can’t bring myself to look upon her anymore, but the others won’t let me consign her to the Garden below. I’ve hidden her from me for now, and anyone who dares bring it up again will get thrown off the tower themselves. Maybe I just need some new inspiration. I’ll go through the latest books brought. Maybe one of them will break this accursed writer’s block


I have fallen back into sleep. That’s the only explanation for the dull and tedium that awaits me when I return from my sessions. The Eris Transform is everything that it promised and more. I read it and my mind is opened to possibilities I had never considered before, brilliant and beautiful, shining works throughout the stars. It makes what I have to do so clear, and I can see my greatest work is yet to come! I’m so tired after my sessions, but it makes those few brief hours of creativity and composure all worthwhile. I need more!


I’m surrounded by fools! They fear the light that burns within me now! They say I destroy my work too quickly, but how can I not? The statues I produce are so clear in my mind, but then the light of the Transform fades and how can I work with these imperfect hands to achieve such beauty? I have left the Nave to work in my private quarters for now, that’s all that I need! I will bring forth perfection!


I know now! I know what has been holding me back! Ultimately a sculptor cannot create without giving himself to his work! That was the lesson of Quiva, and that’s what we’ve all forgotten! It is only through blood and sweat and sacrifice that the greatest works of art are produced! I will make them one with their art!


It’s finished! My greatest work that will stay with the viewers for as long as they live! I took my failed apprentices’ so-called greatest accomplishments and made them trasncendental works of beauty!! A sight that will inspire the masses to know we are not so different from the Saints after all! There’s just one statue left, and I know it’s for me. It has to be for me. The Transform tells me it will be for me, and they’re going to send some help. It’s going to be perfect.



Cedrick Frohwein's Journal

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