Administratum Classifications

Classification: Death World
Region: Ragged Worlds
Discovery: 311.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Everything’s trying to kill you
Recommendations: Tape down the trigger.


A world renowned for its lethality, the planet is locked in an eternal war between its flora and fauna for supremecy over the planet. Although naive outsiders would assume that “living” beasts would have it their own way, they fail to factor in the fungus that grows underneath the skin before rupturing, the blossoms that elude a sweet scent causing you to drown in pools of water, the trees that strangle the life out of you before burying you in their roots. And yet for all the danger of the plant life, a truly frightening menagerie of beasts still roam its surface, constantly adapting to the latest murder world’s attempt to kill them.

There are no permanent settlements on Burnscour, for even if they tame the beasts and plants they would still have to deal with the acid rain and incredible planetary storms that would tear away any structure. Despite the murderous climate, many traders still come to this planet in search of beasts and other decorations for the fighting pits and noble houses in Scintilla. It’s rumoured that The Beast House is seeking help from outside sources to establish a more permanent presence in this system.


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