Battles over Svard

The Action on 179.831.M41 in the Svard System
Battle Against The Fel Dynasty Above Svard in Void Defense Sector 3
Report By: Navigator Primus Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification: bEJKxhKPfo-V9zZ-MZZD-mlu-m6xMNjKmTqO


It happened that Winterscale sent Fel to send an ultimate to the Hos Dynasty. And now the negotiations had failed. Fel was murdered by Eldar and then his Inner Circle attacked and was beaten back in self defense.

The Fel Dynasty had brought with them, The Fel Hand, as well as three frigates from the Winterscale Dynasty. They had escorted Fel to the negotiations (although it was more of an ultimatum from Winterscale to hand over Svard). And now with Fel and his entourage having met an untimely end, the reaming leaderless forces were planing on fleeing.

It was up to the Unrelenting Fury of the Void, and 3 Svard PDF Frigates and the main Defensive Battle Station to stop the escape of the Fel Battlegroup. The ships of the Hos Dynasty were escorting them while in orbit over Svard.

The Battle

The Fel Hand was able to get the drop on the ships in the anchorage. It moved quickly out of its position and fired upon the SPDF Frigate V. They caused a large amount of damage via the Plasma Battery.

However the SPDF Frigates were then able to get into numerous aft positions behind the Frigates of Fel and the Fel Hand and engage with marcobatteries and lance shots. It was then that the Inner Circle and Hos were able to get aboard the Unrelenting Fury, to direct the ensuing battle.

Then Fel Hand continued its trajectory and attempted to escape. Winterscales Frigates began to attempt the escape as well. They fired on SPDF Frigate VI and damaged it. As well the hit from the Fel Hand hit a devastating shot against SPDF Frigate V. The Station around Svard was able to fire is Sunsear Laser Battery which hit and damaged the Fel Hand.

Another shot on the rear of the Fel Hand from the Furies Plasma Batteries continued to pummel the enemy ship. The Fel Hand then continued to move away, it attempted to move faster. But the old energy Matrix was able to boost the speed of the Fury to new heights! It was able to move in close enough, with Captain Hos piloting the spaceship itself.

Hos and the Inner Sanctum lead the boarding crew. It was over in a half and hour. Thousands of Fel troopers were sent fleeing and over half of the crew of the Fel Hand were eliminated.

One of the Winterscale Frigates was damaged enough to surrender. It was unfortunate that two of Winterscales Frigates were able to escape.

After Action

These were the first shots of the ‘Second Winterscale War’ as it is being called. A tactical victory which resulted in the capture of a cruiser and a frigate. As well it had the capture of the Fel Dynasty warrant.

Casualties on the Hos Side were light, around 20,000 thousand vs 120,000 for the Fel/Winterscale force.

One Frigate was damaged. One cruiser was captured along with one frigate.

Although it could be consider a strategic failure as Winterscale now knew of the war that would happen. As well he knew of the murder of Fel, and would be deeply unhappy about that.

Battles over Svard

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