Battle over Inti Tertius

The Action on 193.826.M41 in the Inti System

Battle Against Pirates Above Inti Tertius

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : OVAqZBCfo-V9zZ-r77A-nfi-hfaQKJ6lDKVqS


Lord Hos has set his mind to curbing piracy affecting the space around The Cauldron. He was able to deduce that an excellent area to base operations would be the Inti System. The In Purgatio Lumen was accompanied by the latest addition to Lord-Captain’s Fleet, the In Obscurum Veritas (led by our Explorator, Artifex Felicis). My navigational abilities were somewhat hampered by attempting to steer a warp jump while coordinating with another vessel. Although it was a rough jump, the crew was able to handle the fires and hard battering of the warp on the ship.

The small patrol exited the warp. Lord Hos suggest the Veritas move through the system in Silent Running to mask the true size of our fleet, relying on Astropathic communication for course corrections as appropriate. The patrol moved forward, towards what was thought to be the hiding place, the gas giant Inti Tertius. After completing our survey of two of the moons of the gas giant, and half way to the third, Lady Nichols was able to detect an ancient STC-compliant lance station at 100 VU. Dropping the Lumen into silent running, we approached to a range of 50 VU before powering our systems back up for a second scan. Distressingly, we recognized that we had not gone undetected, and had been caught between a small picket of two Raider ships to our aft, and 3 frigates and a light cruiser to our fore.

With considerable gusto Lord Captain introduced himself, and polite requested that if they were pirates to “stop interfering with my convoys from ”/wikis/svard" class=“wiki-page-link”>Svard." The answer from a so-called ‘Admiral’ Silbannacus Jacobus. He proceed to harangue Hos over his “Six against your one!” Astropath Eckhart seized on the revelation that Jacobus had not yet picked up the Mechanicus cruiser. The pirate Jacobus having refused Hos attempts to treaty, and instead he to suggest negotiation for a payment to stop attacks on his shipping. Hos was able to drown out that man’s annoying laugh by calling in his credentials as an ‘Admiral.’ The foolish Jacobus ego was revealed when he claimed that he would be soon calling himself ‘Lord Solar’ when he acquired our ship.

The Battle

Lord Hos immediately organized our ships to turn and attack the Raider ships at our back. Both ships turned to face them in the main firing arcs. Our initial outpositioning left us unable to bring the full force of our Lance to bear on the enemy, but our macrobatteries were able to heavily damage one of the Raiders, leaving it belching flame and occupants from the gaping holes in its sides. The second ship was also almost immediately taken out of the fight by the accurate, long-range Archeotech macrocannons and lance weaponry of the Veritas, opening the ship from bow to stern with its fire power.

Our decisive action, as well as the sudden appearance of the Veritas had seemed to put the pirate fleet on the back-heel. The shots returned to us were insignificant and were simply shrugged off by both of our mighty vessels. Jaccobus’ main fleet attempted to close the distance between his light cruiser and ours, maintaining fleet formation to no doubt attempt to overwhelm our vessels with one concentrated burst of firepower.

The two Hossian cruisers swung around into firing positions to face the threat from the main section of Jaccobus fleet. At this point I gained a faint impression of where the warp drive’s reflected energy would be in time. Superior maneuvering from Lord-Captain Hos resulted in us just closing to the extreme edge of our lance battery’s firing arc, and I directed Arch-Militant Caine to fire in that space, scoring a direct hit on one of the escorting frigates. The mighty Lance easily punched through the armour straight to where the vessel’s warp drive was supposed to be. Its warp drive was immediately evaporated causing a catastrophic rip in space and time, sundering the mighty frigate in two and causing the nearby flagship of Jaccobus to be slowly sucked into the gaping maw of horror. All that was heard was a distorted message cursing Lord Hos and his Emperor blessed luck, before it was sucked in and the warp closed upon itself as violently as it had opened leaving no trace of those two former vessels.


It was at this point that the remaining vessels were ordered to surrender, or face the consequences. The captain of one raider surrendered immediately, while the heavily damaged one limped away and vanished in-system. Having no way to repair itself its captain also surrendered a few days after the action.

One frigate and one light cruiser were completely destroyed due to the explosion from the warp drive. The Emperor truly favours us over filthy egoistical pirates, bestowing this grace of a shot to us against our enemies.

The remaining two frigates are at large. Interviews with Captains Herst and Brensel suggest that Jaccubus controlled some Navigators, but they were all kept aboard his flagship except during warp transitions. It is thus likely that neither frigate has access to long-range warp travel, and so will be trapped in this system for some time. Although it is possible they will make small but dangerous warp jumps akin to the Chartist captains, such a method would be slow and it is unclear if there are any habitable systems in range for them to reach. Talks with Captains seemed to indicate that they were simply working for the man with the biggest fleet. At this point it may be a good idea to keep them on, although I would contently check for these captains loyalty to the Hos Dynasty.

In addition to two damaged raiders a STC Space Station was captured in the system, records do not indicate how it got to the system, but they do show that the system has not had many visitors. It was also found that a number of archeotech arms, armour, and ship components where found on the space station.

Lord Hos has suggest that the Inti systems two habitable planets could be shared with the Magos Biologis from the Svard system.

In total, causalities for our ships were light, neither our vessel nor the Veritas suffered any damage apart from a few stray rounds piercing our void shields, causing minimal damage and keeping casualties to under 1,000.

The pirate fleet seemed to have suffered catastrophic damage. Between the two raiders that have surrendered to us, around 38,000 of their crew total died. In many ways this serves the Dynasty, as they can now be replaced by more loyal crew members from Svard, or by Servitors from the Veritas. The estimated crew complement of those killed by the warp Explosion would be a full complement of both vessels lost, totalling around 91,000 souls lost to the warp.

In all 1000 casualties to Hos against 129,000 pirates dead. The light of the Emperor truly scoured the pirates this day, and I pray it will dispense the Emperor’s Mercy on those misled souls.

Battle over Inti Tertius

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