Battle in the Heart of the Cog

Battle in the Heart of the Cog

Battling Crystalwisps

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : 7euT2Or6-Kf1N-9XVp-YCVJ- VTTkvdblkTAW


After the recapture of the Citadel of Psykers, Lord Hos allowed Arch-Militant Caine to lead a punitive expedition to deal with the revolt on the planet of Exclusion. The remaining part of the Inner Council would reclaim Cog. Lord Hos decided on this course of action after realizing that it would be important for the strategic plans of rebuilding system, and its orbit had brought it into proximity with Svard Prime.

After two standards day of interplanetary travel, the In Purgatio Lumen arrived above the planet Cog. A plan was devised in which the Death Bastards and the Inner Council would land and secure the top of the Forge. Explorator Felicis would reactivate the atmospheric shielding allowing for more reinforcements to arrive (and giving a breathable, non-corrosive atmosphere). While this occurred the remaining members of the strike team would move down to secure Magos Tevla. In addition the strike team would attempt to link up with any other survivors in the Cog.

The landing onto of the Forge was carried out magnificently by Flight Lieutenant Archimedes Clement. He then bolstered our forces with his excellent fighting skills. The vox station really was damaged by enemy action, and could not be repaired without extensive retrofitting. As well it appeared that many of the inhabitants had died fighting. Although it was difficult to ascertain their condition as the corrosive atmosphere was decomposing the bodies at an accelerated rate. It appeared that servitors were still semi-functional, but in a form of hibernation. Magos Tevla was currently inaccessible, having barricaded himself in his laboratory by destroying the stairs and locking his blast doors.

After moving into the Iron Heart of Cog we then moved to Magos Tevla’s blast doors. Lord Hos communicated with him over the vox channel. It was indicated that Magos Tevla would wait until the atmosphere had stabilized and all threats were neutralized. He also mention that the reactor at the Heart of the Cog was protected by a force shield, which would stay up as long as the atmosphere shielding remained down. At this point Lord Hos moved with a squad of Death Bastards and Flight Lieutenant Clement to the basement of the Forge. While Astropath Eckhart, myself and a squad led by Tybalt held the Heart of the Cog. While Explorator Felicis and a squad moved to the cogitator banks.

Lord Hos found a member of the menials working on the Cog, he informed Hos that the Magos initiated a venting procedure, no doubt to kill the xenos (although the “menial” did not know of this). While this was happening Astropath Eckhart rushed to get to the Captain to ensure he was alright and not being possessed. While this was happening Explorator Felicis learned that all the servitors had lost their memory banks, in addition the cogitator banks had also lost all data relating to what had happened at the Forge. Finding this suspicious, Felicis initially believed that Magos Tevla was responsible, as only he would have the power to reset the Cogitators. Voxing his suspicions to the Captain, Felicis attempted to reconnect with the machine spirits only to be confronted by a strange Xenos construct in the air. They were a ball of light which had pieces of crystals floating around them. They also had a whip like appendage which struck out and attacked members of the crew.

The Battle

Explorator Felicis was jumped and attacked by a 4 of these so called Crystalwisps. The Crystalwisps were able to lash out and knock out Felicis in a single blow, and the sight of these bizarre Xenos creatures scattered and brought down Mercutio’s squad of Death Bastards. Mercutio and Trooper Tibor were able to carry out Felicis from the danger zone while the remaining eight died holding off the creatures.

After Mercutio and Felicis reconvened with the captain, I withdrew to the Heart of Iron to secure it from assault. This decision proved critical, for shortly after assuming our position Trooper Kellin of the squad I was with noticed some glowing lights flying towards our position. I ordered the squad into cover and to fire on full auto once they entered normal operational range for our troops. The ability of the fire team was impressive. They were able to take down one, and in conjunction with crossfire from Vasquez’s squad, took down 2 of the Crystalwisps. I was able to personally obliterate one with a well-placed maximally powered plasma pistol shot.

While the squad I was command of took care of those 4 Crystalwisps. Lord Hos, the First Officer, a recovered Felicis and Flight Lieutenant Clement went to confront two Crystalwisps attempting to flank my position. Lord Hos firing his honour blade, causing one of the Crystalwisps to rapidly destabilize out of the glowing light of its center, and damage another one of the creatures. While Clement was able to have his bolter shells smash through the small surrounding crystal and pulverized the light in the center.


The causalities are unfortunate, 8 members of Mercutio’s squad was killed in action against the Crystalwisps. As well the action of shutting down the atmospheric shielding by Magos Tevla has killed around 4,000 unaugmented members of the Forge. In order for the Forge to meet its potential a number of menial labourers will need to be found. As well it would be advisable to attempt to get Magos Tevla to see the usage of menials and that they are simply not servitors to be reused and recycled as his needs see fit.

I would also like to congratulate Sergeant Tybalt’s squadron and there excellent solution. As well Flight Lieutenant Clement, should be award the Hossian Medal of Merit, 3rd Class, for his volunteering to fight on the ground and his excellent flying during the mission.

Battle in the Heart of the Cog

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