Battle in the Battleground

Report of the Action on the 7th of January 826.M41

Report By: Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
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The Captain Hos of the In Purgatio Lumen was responding to a call to action from the Confessor Todd from the Hermitage. In exchange for a warp map, Captain Hos would agree to search for a lost ship, The Holy Promethium, and find the cargo of lost Pilgrims of the Divine Flame. Confessor Todd, through a Navigator of House Crayn provided a warp route to The Battleground directly from The Hermitage. The Navigator Secundarium of the In Purgatio Lumen was able to make an excellent transit through the warp directly to the place believed to be where the lost The Holy Promethium would have exited the warp.


Captain Hos quickly found The Holy Promethium, the order was given to begin an extended scan of the void by Mistress Nichols. Under the captains direction The Holy Promethium was scanned and found to have its augur array and engines knocked out. We received an astropathic message from The Holy Promethium and were forced to wait while the Astropathic Choir deciphered the message. After 3 hours the message was garbled but revealed that they had hit some debris and were damaged.

Captain Hos was suspicious of this and ordered the crew to general quarters and to move the In Purgatio Lumen in the debris field. The Captain inspired Mistress of the Aether Nichols to a excellent scan of the battle field. It revealed two hidden Chaos Raider ships on either side of The Holy Promethium. Arch-Militant Caine was supported by the entire crew for in his endeavour to blast his hated enemies, the Chaos Marauders. At this point Captain Hos proclaimed that he intended to “Clean the debris”. Caine with the Lance of the In Purgatio Lumen scored an excellent hit on the Chaos Raider to the left our ship. The ship exploded fantastically and added more wreckage to the Battleground, causing a great “Hurrah” to resound around the ship.

The second Raider ship, was then seen to move away. In addition a Chaos tainted transport was found by Mistress Nichols. The Navigator Secundarium Pazzano took over the helm to move the In Purgatio Lumen into a firing position on the second raider. Again Caine unleashed the mighty fury of the Lance of the In Purgatio Lumen . Again Caine scoring an excellent hit causing the hated ships cogitator to overload and sending the Raider adrift through the debris. A second “Hurrah” went over the ship.

In Purgatio Lumen then turned to deal with the transport while flying through the debris field. Arch-Militant Caine was helped by the crew in targeting the Enginarium components of the defiled vessel. At this intersection the Navigator Secundarium brought the In Purgatio Lumen into a boarding range. Artifex Felicis began to engage the corrupted cogitator systems of the vessel. While Astropath Eckhart and Lord-Captain Hos brought boarding parties to bear. Captain Hos began a clever manoeuvre to bring most of the enemies forces against his boarding party. Allowing Astropath Eckhart to lead a number of crew to set aflame the Warp Drive of the ship, and follow through with a coup-de-main on the bridge of the ship. Here Astropath Eckhart and the troopers Vasquez, Mercutio and Tybalt distinguished themselves in combat by killing a Chaos Marauder Captain.

During the boarding action. The 2nd Raider ship although heavily damaged appeared to be able to fix its warp and engine problems and slip out of the system while the In Purgatio Lumen dealt with the transport vessel.

After Action

Casualties for the crew amounted to under 100 deaths and wounding of the crew. The Chaos Marauder suffered one ship lost, one ship was heavily damaged, and one ship was captured. Estimated Chaos casualties are about 80,000 men.

The captured Chaos transport Rending of the Innocent was revealed to be a former Imperial vessel that was lost. It was captured and brought back to Port Wander to be refitted and cleansed of any taint.

It is recommend by Astropath Eckhart that troopers Vasquez, Mercutio and Tybalt be promoted. In addition I would recommend a commendation for Mistress Nichols. It was due to her excellent work that the In Purgatio Lumen was able to ‘get the drop’ on the Chaos marauders, if not for her fine work the outcome could be very different.

It should also be noted that after the battle, Captain Drake of The Holy Promethium was very thankful for our help in rescuing her ship and allowing her to get on her way with many of the Pilgrims of the Divine Flame alive.

Battle in the Battleground

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