It’s a miracle of providence in an otherwise unremarkable system. It must be scrutinized for exploitation immediately.
-Hos Dynasty information on the growth potential of Bannack VII

Administratum Information

Classification: Agri System
Region: The Cauldron
Founding: 131.828.M41
Current Proprietor: Hos Dynasty
Environment: Warm and inviting, once you find it
Recommendations: Come hungry, leave stuffed with wheat and its byproducts


Bannack itself is a recently scouted system that is awash with stellar nebulae, gravity tides and micro asteroid fields that is home to nine planets, the majority of which are unimpressive or not worth the effort to exploit. However, on the very fringes of the primary biosphere lurks a world hidden inside of a nebulae that has managed to produce a climate ideal for agriculture.

The seventh planet lacks many resources or noteworthy terrain, but does have a large amount of freshwater and soft soil that was useful for growth, and research from the work at the Inti colony had identified many species of flora and fauna that were edible for humanity, but were usually hunted into extinction by the much more dangerous lifeforms on their native worlds. Under the eye of Magos Isabella Stein, a number of the “safer” species were transplanted to this world, and within a manner of months had choked out or eaten all of the native fauna.

The Agri-World of Bannack is now under the control of the Hos Dynasty, and has so far escaped the fate of every other potential Agri-World set up inside of the Expanse. It is regularly patrolled by a sizeable detachment, and its resilient life-forms now feed the bellies of millions of citizens that swear loyalty to the Dynasty.


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