Aubray's Anvil

You see a place like this and you wonder. You wonder how it could fail. What forces could pull down a people who possessed technology like this? What blasphemy, what heresy could they have perpetrated to make the God-Emperor turn His loving eye from them? Whatever it was, you need only look to the piles of bones in the streets here to see the final fruits of their labour. – Attributed to the Rogue Trader Cort Saldanus

Administratum Classifications

Classification: Dead World
Region: Ragged Worlds
Discovery: 646.M41
Current Proprietor: None
Environment: Adeptus Mechanicus would feel right at home in this smog-laden metal pit.


Aubray’s Anvil was originally thought to be a long-abandoned Forge World, until closer inspection revealed that the structures though of human design bear enough differences to STC constructs to make their true origins a mystery. Covered with laboratories and forges of unknown purpose, this world lay abandoned for some time before its rediscovery, and whispers abound in the Expanse of lost technology and a Dark Age civilization sleeping beneath its surface.

Aubray's Anvil

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