The Adeptus Mechanicus shrine located in the Footfall system. The outpost is itself a massive asteroid in deep-orbit around the star of Furibundus, protected by the massive gravity tides due to its proximity. The asteroid is rotationally locked around the star, and a gigantic shrine has been erected in the The Tech-Priests report that all vessels on unauthorized approach are simply swallowed by the star’s gravitational pull, and the massive macrocannons are completely unrelated to these disasters.

Despite their lack of welcome towards visitors, the Adeptus Mechanicus still does a healthy trade with the Rogue Traders present in the Koronus Expanse, reasoning that the best way of ensuring that valuable archeotech is turned over to them is to reward and encourage this behaviour. The current commander of this station, Magos-Commodore Gnothis Trannarch, is known as an emotionless yet fair dealer with Rogue Trader,s and is always on the lookout for valuable salvage from the Expanse.

Player Interactions

Due to his accomplishments from salvaging the Emperor’s Bounty, and returning valuable Mechanicus tech to Port Wander, Explorator Artifex Felicis was granted an audience with the Magos-Commodore. Explorator Felicis offered the co-ordinates to the damaged but functional Dark Eldar Cruiser, which the Magos would investigate and if it could be found, would reward the Hos Dynasty something fitting of that prize – though he was evasive as to what that might be.

Mechanicus station


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