A Brief History of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano


House Pazzano was a house that almost had it all, only to be cast down and forced into repentance to the Emperor. House Pazzano made its stronghold in the Ixaniad Sector folowing the Angevin Crusade. The rise began from its palatial estate on the world Sellius, as its agents expanded its power through the Ixaniad Sector from the days it was originally taken in the Crusade. It quickly was able to enforce favorable deals with merchants, and Battlefleet Ixaniad due to its services provided to Golgenna Angevin.

From the Ixaniad Sector it slowly expanded its dealings out into the nascent Calixis Sector through its merchant contacts. It even was able to have some Navigators placed on Rogue Traders’ ships plying routes between the Ixaniad and Calixis Sectors. At the height of House Pazzano’s power their Navigators were even following Rogue Traders into the Koronus Expanse and to merchantmen and pilgrims making the long journey coreward toward Terra.

But as centuries turn and as one power grows, so grows the jealously of those in your shadow. The power of House Pazzano was opposed by those in power political through the Calixis Sector and among other Navigator families. This plot culminated in what was termed “The Betrayal at Baptism V”. The head of the house Navator Helicus Pazzano, was brought through deception out into the Rifts of Hecaton and abandoned by members of the Rogue Trading House Chorda. This was the signal for the beginning of centuries long war against House Pazzano. When the ‘Wars of the Fall’ were over House Pazzano had been out maneuvered militarily, and political. It found itself under a unofficial ban against its Navigators being replaced by other Navis Houses in many areas.

Following this House Pazzano retreated to its palaces in the Ixaniad Sector. It had lost many contracts to both old and new Navigator houses and was forced to guide unprofitable Ecclesiarchy pilgrimage ships. Although many Navigator House now laughed at their misfortune, House Pazzano used this ‘Time of Repentance’ travelling along with the Ecclesiarchy to find itself a new soul. Before being know as Navigator of an mercantile and unscrupulous nature, they are now know as one of the most faithful of the Navigator Houses. Not only was this a time of spiritual awakening for the House, but it was a time when their Navigators were know to help protect the Ecclesiarchy and pilgrims from all manner of dark and heretical threats. In time the House soon was brought to the attention of the Battlefleets of Imperium through the deeds it had done with the Ecclesiarchy. Using its new alliances with the Ecclesiarchy and the Battlefeet, their is even talk its Navigators are being taken aboard Rouge trader ships. It most surely seems that the House Pazzano will be guided towards better things, and rebuking its most hated enemy….

Coat of Arms of House Pazzano

The Coat of Arms of House Pazzano, is the Fasces over a glues Burgundian Cross. The Fasces representing the strength of the Family, and the Burgundian Cross representing the familial ties to local Naval Battlefleets in the Ixaniad Sector.

[ Use Rules for House Cassini on Navis Nobilite pg 16. Replace Rival(RT House Toumas), Enemy(RT House Toumas), Good Reputation(Ecclesiarchy), Good Reputation(Battlefleet) ]

A Brief History of Navis Nobilite House Pazzano

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