2nd Damaris Artillery Levy


The first of the leftover planetary defense forces not tithed by the Administratum. Trained and disciplined better than the average Planetary Defense Forces, their close ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus has resulted in a well-supplied Regiment, specialising in Mechanised Warfare.

This Regiment specialises in Anti-Armour fighting. Their counterparts in the 1st Damaris Armoured Levy are the anti-armour specialists, and the 3rd Damaris Mechanised Levy are meant for rapid deployment in combat zones.


  • Recruiting World: Damaris – Imperial World
  • Commander: Supine
  • Regiment Type: Artillery Regiment
  • Training Doctrine: Anti-Aircraft
  • Equipment: Well-Provisioned
  • Drawback: Mistrusted


  • Characteristics: + 3 to Willpower, + 3 to Ballistic Skill, +3 Intelligence, – 3 Toughness
  • Common Lores: Ecclesiarchy, Imperium, Imperial Creed + 10, Tech
  • Speak Language (Low Gothic)
  • Skills: Operate Surface
  • Talents: Hatred (Mutants), Technical Knock, Bombardier
  • Bonuses
    • Add + 10 to all tests to strike aircraft
    • Gain two additional weeks of rations
    • Gain +10 to all Tests to obtain fuel and parts for repair
  • Favoured Basic Weapon: Las Carbine
  • Favoured Heavy Weapon: Missile Launcher

Standard Kit

  • One Lascarbine (Main Weapon)
  • One Basilisk Per Squad
  • One Pair of Monoculars
  • One Vox-Caster
  • One Missile Launcher
  • Three Krak Missiles

2nd Damaris Artillery Levy

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