Hos Dynasty Vessels

Hos Dynasty Vessels

The Hos Dynasty contains vast holdings inside of the Scarus Sector, but the bulk of its force was withheld from Rogue Trader Jequin Hos inside of the Expanse, as part of his challenge. Initially limited to just the Dynasty flagship, he is working diligently to expand his fleet and grow his business interest inside of the Expanse.

Active Vessels


  • Emperor’s Bounty – A once-mythical lost treasure ship, this Star Galleon was discovered adrift in the Magoros system, and once cleansed of its previous inhabitants has been claimed by the Hos Dynasty. It is currently in Port Wander to show off the grandeur of the Dynasty, and give Larius Sans the agreed upon privilege of setting foot on the legendary vessel. It will remain until the important cargoes of the various Noble and Merchant Houses of Damaris have been received, as negotiated under the veil of the Pageant.
  • In Obscurum Veritas – A unique Mechanicus cruiser that was gifted to the Hos Dynasty in exchange for the Promise of Agony. Staffed almost exclusively by Servitors, it is a long-range exploration vessel that can nonetheless hold its own in a fight. It is currently defending Inti.

Light Cruisers

  • In Purgatio Lumen – The Dynasty flagship, this vessel dates back to the Angevin Crusade. Although it was thought lost at one point, it was rediscovered by the Hos Dynasty, and converted into their new flagship. It bears a powerful archeotech lance, and has a well-known and respected reputation among the Imperial Navy, Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Unrelenting Fury of the Void – The Dynasty gunship, this vessel was recently procured at great expense from a lesser Dynasty fallen on hard times after a failed attempt to establish an Agri-World in the Koronus Expanse. A capable team of TechAdepts have been scouring its cogitators for secrets, while another team inquires among the crew for information on details of this unknown world and the (missing?) Warrant. Its captain came with the ship, said to be a skilled tactician, but time will tell if he has what it takes.


  • Aquila Ascendent – A troop barge of mysterious origin, this vessel was secured to complement the firepower of the recently purchased gunship. Little is currently known of the vessel, currently stationed in Svard, but it carries high hopes for the defense of the trinity.


  • Vagaries of the Warp – A Raider formerly under the command of Silbannacus Jacobus in the Inti system. Following a failed ambush of the Hos Dynasty, it surrendered and joined the Dynasty rather than risk destruction, or setting off on its own. It is currently defending Inti.
  • Wise Capitulation – Another Raider from the Inti system, this one fled from combat after its leader was felled, but a combination of the damage it had taken plus the spirits of its dead crew haunting them caused them to eventually capitulate and surrender. It is currently defending Inti.


  • Abs Innocentina – Originally a Chaos Transport, it was liberated by the Explorers and converted into a transport that now serves the Dynasty as the first in what is hoped to be a long line of shipping vessels. It is currently captained by a capable voidmaster, appointed by Phipps before leaving for Seldon’s Folly, maintaining the Hos presence in the Grain Route.
  • Envoy of Damaris: A goliath class Manufacturing transport, it was originally owned by Rogue Trader Orleans, but gifted to the Dynasty upon the appointment of Rogue Trader Hos as Governor of Damaris. It is currently settled into a trade route with Svard, supplying much needed goods and services to both colonies at a fair price and a twofold reward to the Dynasty.
  • Under Wry Beginnings – Hired by Dante Balthazar of the Ventan Iron Hounds, the Hos Dynasty recovered this lost transport from the Grace system and cleansed it of the demonic force inside. Once completed and its cargo returned, the Iron Hounds rewarded the Hos Dynasty with a small share in their mercenary profits, as well as the vessel itself. It was renamed from The Widening Gyre. It is currently captained by Seneschal Leopold Phipps

Allied Vessels

  • Da Ship Eata – “Led” by Cap’n Chaintusk, this Orkish Frigate has pledged to follow their new Warboss after Lord-Captain’s Hos fearsome prowess at murdering the old captain. Like all Orkish technology this vessel appears like it should have broken down months ago, but is still functional. It has re-emerged as an upgraded Orkish Kill Kroozer, complete with a devastating Nova Cannon.
  • Whisper of Anaris – An ancient Eldar Cruiser that was periodically sighted as a ghost ship throughout the Expanse. Upon the awakening of Farseer Anaris, it sought out its master and is now once more serves the deceased Eldar. Anaris has so far pledged his support to the Dynasty, even turning on other Eldar from Craftworld Kaelor

Hos Dynasty Vessels

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